Do you have bad abdominal pain and back pain with a tubal pregnancy?

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taking care of a tubal preg. I had a tubal preg & yes my back was killing me & it felt like I needed to have a bowel movement all the time. I was 3mths before I went to the emergency room & my tube had ruptured, so if you think that you are you need to go immediately because you could be bleeding enternally & not know it. Hi, Yes you do have severe pain with tubal and etopic pregnancies. If you suspect you have a tubal then go to A&E now as tubals are dangerous. Good luck.
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Is abdominal pain a sign of pregnancy?

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Answer . \nI had one and I still have pain after 5 years because of scar tissue. Mine was caught early so I did not have surgery. My Dr. gave me 2 shots of Methantrexate i

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Is stomach abdominal and lower back pains normal in early pregnancy?

Yes, it can be. As the body prepares for the rapid expansion to come, it starts to cramp. Usually it's only around the uterus, but it can spread to other ares including the ab