Do you have to be a male to a farmer?

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What does a farmer do?

A farmer is a person that grows crops or breeds animals. They wakeup early and look after there stock and usually are up late atnight still looking after them. A farmer is a p

What did farmers do?

Farmers worked in the colonies. Some things that farmers did were:planting, farming

What is a she-male?

Another word for a tranny, someone who appears to be a woman but in fact has a penis not a vagina.Also of having a vagina as well.

Who is a farmerer?

An individual who works or runs a farm or ranch is often referred to as a "farmerer." They are particularly farmers who grow corn and other produce rather than raising animals

Why do farmers neuter the males?

There are several reasons why a farmer would neuter their male cats: . Neutering a male cat is a cheaper and easier surgery than fixing a female. . Some farmers neuter the