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Obviously, each state is different in rules and some don't even have an income tax, but generally: Like the Federal, there is an amount of earnings, under which, you would not have to pay anything. That amount is probably both different and calculated different that for the Feds.
If they have a tax you must/should file for it, every year - (certainly none have an every other year or whenever you feel like it tax or such).
Some reasons: The statute of limitations on assessment is generally fairly short...that is the time period the State has to look and say you didn't pay enough and ask for more...HOWEVER the time it has --starts-- with the filing of the return. Don't file and you are forever liable!
Many States (and even the Feds) have benefits that come to you by filing a return, even - or especially - if your income is below where you have to pay a tax. (For example, in NJ has a property tax rebate as part of it's return, other States have credits like the Federal earned income credit, and more).
If your earnings were as an employee, or you had any amounts withheld (like the state may do on unemployment payments, etc.), then the only way to get credit and get those $ back is to file a return and claim them.
All studies have shown and it's always been amazing, how many people think they are getting away with something by not filing a return, when had they done so they actually had hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars coming back to them!
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