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Do you have to pay back Social Security benefits if you receive spousal support?

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Do you pay tax on social security benefits?

You will have to pay federal taxes on your Social Security benefits  if you file a federal tax return as an individual and your total  income is more than $25,000.

If you are awarded Social Security disability back pay will your children receive back pay?

Yes. You and each qualified minor child will receive a separate check or direct deposit based on the number of months of back pay awarded multiplied by the monthly benefit amo

When can you receive your social security retirement benefits?

You can receive social security benfits at the age of 65 or if you were born after 1959, 67. This is said to possibly increase with the increasing number of older individuals

How do you apply for spousal social security benefits?

It is easy to call the social security office. Apply first for your benefits, then call them to add your spouse. You will need to have both of you there, on the phone, or in p