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Do you have to send the credit card company your deceased mother's income tax refund like they say you do They say they contacted the IRS to have it sent to them but the check still came to you?

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DO NOT send them the IRS refund check under any circumstances. An IRS refund is considered an asset and should be relinquished to the probate court as such. If the state does not require probate procedures in this specific case, contact the IRS office for instructions on the proper procedure concerning the refund. Do not endorse the check or attempt to cash or deposit it in an account. Answer And file a FDCPA complaint against the credit card company that told you that.
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In what years was credit card interest a deduction on income taxes?

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Can credit card creditors take your income tax refund?

No, neither federal nor state tax refunds are subject to creditor garnishment or seizure. Tax refunds can only be seized or garnished for, taxes that are due, child support, f

Are IRS tax refunds taxable?

No, you already paid tax on the money you used to pay taxes, you  just paid too much of it, and therefore it is not taxed again.  State tax refunds, when they are used as a

Who is responsible for deceased mother's credit card debt?

Your mother's estate is responsible for paying her debts. Her debts must be paid before any property can be distributed to her heirs. If the debt is greater than the value of

Can a credit card garnish your state income tax check?

  Yes, certainly. Anyone can garnish any asset you have, as long as they have a court order to do so. That's what protection from search or seizure without due process of

Where are IRS refund checks mailed from?

IRS Refund checks come from the Dept of Treasury, now whether they have more than one processing place to process checks is the correct question,depending on how long it takes

Can you receive tax refund if you have no income?

no you may not ans Actually yes you can. The Earned Income Credit (or EIC) may be paid as a refund even if someone had no other income to report and pay on. addition

If you owe a credit card company and your credit report says that the account is charged off do you still have to pay the debt?

Sorry to disagree with the previous poster. You do indeed still have to pay. A charge off is a term used by the original creditor to indicate the debt is being removed from th

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Who is responsible for a deceased mother's credit card debt which was in her name only?

  Her estate is responsible for all debts. The credit card company could file a probate proceeding if there are assets in her name to satisfy its claim, but it is not comm