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It is always preferable to get legal advise when dealing with any court issues. Most attorneys offer free consultation or charge a minimal fee. If the situation is a amicable one, it's possible custody arrangements can be accomplished with the cooperation of both parties through Family Court.
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How does one become a child custody lawyer?

a child custody lawyer is the same thing as a child advocate lawyer sort of. they are just children lawyers that fight for the child that is involved in an issue. so you have

Where can i find a pro bono lawyer in Virginia to talke my child custody case?

Some private lawyers may take an occasional pro bono case if it interests them, but it's very rare - especially for custody cases - and they don't advertise. If your income is

How do you cancel a child custody case?

You withdraw your petition, but the other parent can object or counter file. If the parents are not together, there needs to be a court order, even if only mediated, which ca

What high school grades do you need to make to become a Child Custody Lawyer?

In order to become a child custody lawyer, first you have to be accepted into law school, and then graduate from law school. You will also be required to write the Bar Exams i

How do you get a pro bono lawyer for a custody case in California?

Some but not all Legal Services agencies in California handle custody cases. You will need to qualify as low-income; this is usually a percentage of the federal poverty level,

How is Child custody lawyers illegal?

Child custody lawyers are not illegal, so you've gotten bad information. You need to get in touch with a custody lawyer and have them explain the inner workings of the justice
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Can criminal lawyers accept child custody cases?

Any lawyer can "accept" a child custody case. However, child custody cases are so specialized that you should always retain an attorney who specializes in child custody cases
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What are some reasons that someone would need a child custody lawyer?

The most obvious reason an individual may need to hire a child custody lawyer would be if he or she is the parent of a child who wishes to get or maintain custody during a div
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Are child custody cases civil cases?

In general, law is divided into Civil and Criminal law. Child custody, divorce, etc are not usually Criminal cases, and are therefor Civil cases.