Do you need to use a condom while taking Prednisone and birth control?

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you could so there is a very unlikely chance of getting pregnant. my mother was on birth control and my father used a condom but here i am 21 years later
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Do you need to use a condom with the birth control pill?

The birth control pill only protects against pregnancy. It does not protect you against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). So, unless you really, really trust the guy you

Do you still need to use condoms on birth control?

Answer . This is just a lay answer. You should always ask your Doctor. You do for the first month because that's how long it takes for the pill to become effective. You

Do you need to use a condom if you are on birth control?

Certainly ... especially if concerned about STD's. Birth control pills do no protect one iota against those. Yes and no. Birth control is an effective contraceptive, and can p

Do you need to use a condom when on the birth control patch?

Using a condom to prevent pregnancy is not necessary because the birth control patch is 99% effective when used properly. However, the patch does not protect against sexually

Do you need to use a condom while on Prednisone and birth control?

YES! birth control and prednisone does not stop std's and not always pregnancy. if you are in a long term relationship and you both obviously know you have no ifections then i

Do you still have to use a condom when your taking birth control?

Birth control is 99.9% effective when taken properly, so you do not need a condom to protect yourself from pregnancy. However, if you are not in a monogamous relationship; mea
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If you're on birth control there's no need to use a condom?

BCP do not protect against STI's or HIV. If you and your partner are sexually monogamous with a prior clean slate for STD's you do not need a condom. Many woman use a condom
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Do you need birth control if you use a condom?

No, you do not. However, it is good to use birth control pills as extra protection from pregnancy. Condoms can tear or leak, and women sometimes forget to take the pills, so i
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Do you NEED to use BOTH a condom and take birth control?

If you want to lower your chances of having a child. Nothing is one hundred percent yet. It is suggested you use both. Otherwise you or your partner have a greater risk of bec