Do you need visa to visit northern ireland on south african passport?

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Northern Ireland is part of the UK and South Africans need a visa to enter the UK.
South African passport holders do not need a visa to travel Ireland though.

If you have a South African passport which countries can you visit without the need for a visa?

No Visa Required - South African Passport Holders Hong Kong - must have a valid passport, but no visa is required for stays of up to one month. Malaysia - must have a v

Is a visa needed to visit Northern Ireland?

It depends on where you are coming from As Northern Ireland is part of the UK you will need the same Visa that you would need to enter any other part of the UK. If you are a U
In Nigeria

I am a Nigerian living in Ireland do I need visa to visit Northern Ireland?

Nigerians need a visa to visit the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. If you have Irish citizenship then you should be able to travel to North

Do you need a visa to visit germany on a south african passport?

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