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Do you salute officers while crossing the ships brow?

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If it is a commissioned U. S. Navy vessel and you are in uniform, at the top of the brow come to attention, face the Ensign (flag) located at the fantail or aft end of the ship and salute the Ensign. Then face and salute the Officer of the Deck on the Quarterdeck and "Request permission to come aboard Sir".

If you are in civilian attire, at the top of the brow come to attention, face the Ensign (flag) located on the fantail or aft end of the ship. Then face the Office of the Deck on the Quarterdeck and "Request permission to come aboard Sir".

I don't think civilian vessels stand on ceremony very much.
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Do you salute warrant officers?

Warrant Officers are appointed to the rank of WO1. Warrant Officers 2/3/4/5 are commissioned by the President of the United States the same as traditional commissioned officer

Does an officer or enlisted give the first salute?

It depends on the situation. In virtually 99% of all cases, the enlisted member salutes the officer first. However, and though not specifically required by law or military

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What is the brow of a ship?

  The brow is the gangway, or plank that people use to board and disembark the ship.

Do you salute officers when you under an overhang?

Yes. You're still outdoors, and still required to render a salute.

Do you salute a military officer in civilian clothes?

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What is the difference between a brow and a gangway of a ship?

Gangway is the position at the side of a ship through which personnel (officers and men) board the ship at harbour. Brow is a narrow passage between the gangway and the jetty

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What is the correct way to salute a Captain of a ship?

  If you are a member of the armed forces or of the crew of a ship, you have been taught the correct way to salute. If you are not, there is no correct way for you to salu

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Should you salute an officer while riding on a bus?

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