Does Brussels have a Red Light District?

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Yes, Brussels does have a red light district very similar to Amsterdam in appearance located one block north of Brussels Nord train station. It only encompasses one long street, as opposed to Amsterdam's labrynth of alleys and canals filled with windowgirls. A standard 'session' costs €40 in Brussels, compared to €50 in Amsterdam.
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What is a red light district?

A place or part of a city known for the high number of "adult stores" - brothels, strip clubs, adult theatres, etc. - in that area, as compared to the rest of the city or regi

Does Prague have a red light district?

No, it doesn't. There are "cabarets", stripclubs and other "topless" bars scattered around the city, especially in Zizkov and New Town around Vaclavske Namesti (Wenceslas squa

Where is red light district in Brussels?

Two areas include, both near the Gare du Norde metro station: Rue de Brabant and Rue d'Aarschot, as well as Boulevard Albert II and Rue de Matheus. Then, a few blocks south, i

Does duesseldorf have a Red Light District?

Posted on Saturday, September 07, 2002 - 3:19 am:. The red light area in Duesseldorf is located on a street called 'Hinter der Bahndamm'. If you walk out of the main train st

What are the advantages of the red light district?

for clients : 1) cheaper sex 2) big variety of girls 3) activities or services provided (group sex , public sex shows ,etc..) for girls : 1) more clients 2) more cash 3) more

Where is the okinawa red light district?

The Yoshihara boundaries are: Southwest side: Highway 329. Southeast side: Highway 75. Northeast side: unnamed alley beginning 270 meters northeast of the highway 75

Are there red light districts in Bangalore?

No, there are not red light districts in Bangalore, India. However,according to the Central Crime Bureau, there are still big issueswith sex trafficking in Bangalore.