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Does Brussels have a Red Light District?

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Yes, Brussels does have a red light district very similar to Amsterdam in appearance located one block north of Brussels Nord train station. It only encompasses one long street, as opposed to Amsterdam's labrynth of alleys and canals filled with windowgirls. A standard 'session' costs €40 in Brussels, compared to €50 in Amsterdam.
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Does Copenhagen have a red light district?

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Where is red light district in Brussels?

  Two areas include, both near the Gare du Norde metro station: Rue de Brabant and Rue d'Aarschot, as well as Boulevard Albert II and Rue de Matheus. Then, a few blocks so

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What is a red-light district?

  A red-light district is where people can smoke drugs and where prostatutes are.   Red-light district warns people about what they are about to enter.