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Does Dr Phil pay his guests to appear on his show?

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Totally Yes there is no doubt about it. if someone says different then i totally disagree with him or her.He appears to be a Huckster of mediocre advice at best. Often on the TV show he comes across as rude, opinionated, and arrogant. Probably one of the reasons so many people like to watch it, kind of a highbrow version of Jerry Springer. Many of the guests are also held to a contractual ransom of sorts, similar to how the producers of the Jerry Springer show treated their "guests".He went to University of North Texas for his PhD, a 4th tier college, which means it has the lowest ranking. His PhD thesis was on the psychological effects of rheumatoid arthritis. His license was suspended and revoked for having a sexual relationship with a teenage client. He was ordered to take ethics classes, but never finished them. He currently does not hold a license to practice anywhere, nor has he held a licence for quite sometime.
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Does Dr.. Phil pay guests?

Answer   no they call him, talk about there problam, and they get on for free   Not quite true. It is true that the producers of the show go not go out and search

How do you find past guests on the Dr Phil Show?

the lady with the husband who put cameras in basement and house and your invest found them. you sent to rehab and he still called her from there. the last show i seen she was

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hallo dr phil, i am from south africa, and is now living in the usa, my cousins daughter told me something terrible that happened to her 25 years ago, and if i share this with