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Does FOX News like Republicans or Democrats?

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Loves Republicans, hates Democrats. That's why they call themselves "fair and balanced."
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Is Megyn Kelly of Fox News a Democrat or Republican?

She has said and I quote "I am conservative on some things and not  on others. Funny how people assume things." in response to Howard  Stern's statement that she seemed pret

Is the hill news republican or democrat?

The Hill is less of a partisan newspaper, and more of an "inside baseball," publication. It features pundits from both sides of the ideological spectrum, and includes many art

Are Federalists like Democrats or Republicans?

Neither, is the best answer. The questions of the era were different and the tools of the time were different. You could stretch the major issues around a bit to make them app

Is fox 5 news Tony Perkins Democrat or Republican?

If you are asking about Tony Perkins, the co-anchor of the news atFox 5 in Washington DC, he has not publicly expressed which partyhe supports. Unlike the Fox News network, wh

Is judith miller of fox news a republican or democrat?

It is difficult to say. She had a very close relationship with  Republican President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and she  promoted their talking points about the Ir

Is megyn kelly of fox news democrat or republican?

Megyn Kelly has long identified as a Republican; she is a formerattorney, and has stated in interviews that she is a conservative.However, she seems to be a moderate on certai