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What are the causes of AIDS and HIV?

HIV infection is caused by coming in contact with infected body fluids (blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.) HIV is the virus that causes a person to develop AIDS. A

How can you not get AIDS and HIV?

Do not engage in high risk activity such as intravenous drug use and unprotected anal sex. Wear a condom.

How do you get HIV-AIDS?

    unprotected sex with someone else that has it

Can saliva causes HIV aids?

Yes, but it would take an ENORMOUS amount of saliva to transmit the virus. Like a few hundred gallons.

Can incest cause aids or HIV?

No, incest does not cause HIV or AIDS. It may, however, cause a person to go to jail.
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Does oral sex cause AIDS or HIV?

No! only if you do it with your wife who is not HIV positive! there is no way you can get AIDS from her.

What is HIV-AIDS?

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus that attacks your immune system (body's natural defense system) which are your white blood cells, specifically, CD4+

How does HIV cause AIDS?

By gradually destroying a person's immune system. HIV causes aids by destroying the immune system. It leaves your body defenceless, you catch diseases easily and can die from