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Does Montana have more cows than people?

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As of 2007, Montana had approximately 2.6 Million beef cattle, and 18,000 dairy cows, as compared to a human population of 967,440 (2008).
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Why are there more cows than bulls?

Because you only need one or two bulls to breed a larger herd of cows. The recommended cow:bull breeding ratio is between 10:1 and 50:1, depending on the pasture size and the

Are there more cows in the world than people?

No. The human population is over 6 billion and there are around 1.5 billion cattle in the entire world.

What us states have more cows than people?

Montana. Montana is just one of 9. Rank | State | Cattle | People | Cattle/People / 1 | South Dakota | 3,650,000 | 824,082 | 4.429 / 2 | Nebraska | 6,450,000 |

Is there more cattle then people in Montana?

There are nine states in the US that have more cattle than people.  They are Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas,  Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Iowa. Mont

Does Nebraska have more cows than people?

No. Montana's the state with more cattle than people.

What is the reason of Montana having more cows than people?

Montana's landscape is so rugged and rough that it's quite impossible to build or expand any large suburban lots or cities in it. It's not even suitable for growing crops. So,

What is more stupider than a cow?

This question is more on a basis of opinion rather than fact, as such it cannot really be answered.