Does Nebraska have deserts?

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No, Nebraska has no true deserts. It does have large areas of semiarid grasslands but no deserts.

Where are the deserts?

Deserts are located on every continent. Ever Europe has a few smallpatches of desert. The entire continent of Antarctica is desertexcept for immediately along some coastlines.

How did Nebraska get its name?

Étienne de Veniard, sieur de Bourgmont in 1714, named the majorriver flowing through the land the Nebraskier , which is anOto word meaning "flat water". (The French word for "flat" is"Platte".) source: WikiPedia "Platte River" unknown source states the French adopted the word "Nebraska" forthe (MORE)

What is the abbreviation for Nebraska?

The abbreviation for Nebraska NE. Nebraska's abbreviation is NE. The postal abbreviation for Nebraska is NE. Another common abbreviation is Nebr.. NE NE NE NE

What are deserts?

Deserts are places with very little precipitation, with an average Rainfall of less than 250 mm (10 in) annually. They are usually very hot during the day and cold during the night. However, Antarctica is also a desert, although it is winter all year round. This is because it receives little rainfal (MORE)

What borders Nebraska?

To the west, Wyoming and Colorado, to the north is South Dakota, to the East Iowa and Missouri, to the south Kansas

What is the continent for Nebraska?

Nebraska. Country :- United States of America Sub Continent :- North America. Continent :- The Americas.. Hemispheres Northern and Western.. Planet: Earth.

Where is Nebraska located?

Nebraska is located right in the middle of the country. It is south of North and South Dakota on the Great plains, and north of Kansas. To its west is Colorado and to the east is Iowa and northern Missouri.

Who discovered Nebraska?

French-Canadian explorers (including the Mallet brothers in 1739) traversed the territory of Nebraska on their way to trade in Santa Fe Historical Native American tribes living in Nebraska have included the Omaha, Missouria, Ponca, Pawnee, Otoe, and various branches of the Lakota (Sioux)

What is there to do in Nebraska?

It all depends on what time of year you are visiting and what part of NE you are visiting... If you are looking for good family things to do we have the one and only Henry Doorly Zoo. If you're in to outdoors stuff maybe try the Badlands National park.

Does Nebraska have a panhandle?

The Nebraska panhandle is thewestern area of the state. It is a rectangular area that bordersthe states of South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado.

Is Nebraska in the US?

yes, it is located in the midwestern region of the United States. Nebraska is a major crop and cattle producer, feeding many families across america.

About the desert?

mason Douglas kimpton middle school team 7-1 My biome is the desert biome. The desert biome is usually dry and extremely hot. Precipitation in the desert is scarce but there are some rainstorms, when it does rain it usually evaporates right when it hits the ground. Sometimes there are major r (MORE)

Why is Nebraska unique?

First State to join the Union after the Civil War. . Lots of cattle and corn. . The only State with a unicameral legislature. All the members call themselves State Senators, are elected without party affiliation and can overide a veto by a majority of 60 percent instead of the usual 2/3rd numb (MORE)

Where is Omaha Nebraska?

A few miles away from the border line of Nebraska and Iowa, and just north of the mouth of the Platte River. Just a little from carter lake. Actually not much.

What are in deserts?

In deserts, the location is multitude. Genarlly hot all year around. Animals: Rodents, snakes, lizards, tortise, incects, and some birds The Sahara in Africa is home to camels, small foxes, snakes, lizards, and gerbils Plant: None to Cacti, yuccas, bunch grasses, shrubs, and a few trees The soil is (MORE)

What is in the desert?

Evening Desert Safari Sharjah have adapted ways to help them keepcool and use less water. Camels, for example, can go for dayswithout food and water. Many desert animals are nocturnal, comingout to hunt only when the brutal sun has descended. Some animals,like the desert tortoise in the southwestern (MORE)

What was a deserters?

A deserter is a person that leaves his position in the military without the permision of his/her military leaders.

What is a Nebraska man?

a supposed human ancestor, based on the discovery of a single tooth that was later found to belong to an extinct pig

What are facts about Nebraska?


Facts about Nebraska?

It has good soil aslo has a a ppcorn field also having to have many nea state friends

What was a deserter?

A soldier who left his unit without official authorization----usually a unit that was serving at the front lines.

Who is the congressperson from Nebraska?

Senators - Ben Nelson (the only Nebraska Democrat on the national level) & Chuck Hagel\n. \nRepresentitives - Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, & Adrian Smith\n. \n(it took me just three minutes to answer this one). To cover Nebraska adequately, I'll give you all of the current information on the repr (MORE)

Cities in Nebraska?

Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Fremont, Hastings, Norfolk, North Platte, Columbus, Papillion, La Vista, Scottsbluff, Beatrice, South Sioux City, Lexington

Where is Mullen Nebraska?

Mullen, Nebraska is located about 150 miles east of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, on the more Western side of the state. It is north of North Platte off of Highway 83, west of Thedford. If coming from Scottsbluff, it is east of Hyannis on Highway 385.

Are there wolves in Nebraska?

Yes we have the eastern gray wolf and are considered a endangered species with an estamated 2300 to a posible 4000 left their population is on the rise and will soon be taken off the endangered spiecies list. As of now it is illigal to kill one and would lead to a fedral offense with a sentance of u (MORE)

Is Nebraska dry?

Nebraska is typically a dry area, with much of it experiencing drought like conditions a lot of the time. However, Nebraska sits on the Ogallala Aquifer, which is one of the largest in the world.

Where are Nebraska feedlots?

Beef is a major industry in Nebraska. As such, there are feedlots all over the place! There really isn't a definable region of where they are and where they aren't.

What is Nebraska popular for?

Nebraska is a state on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. Nebraska is the 16th most extensive, the 38th most populous, and the 8th least densely populated of the 50 United States. The state's capital is Lincoln and its largest city is Omaha, on the Missouri River. Once considered par (MORE)

What are the landforms in Nebraska?

Even though I live in Nebraska I don't know all of the landforms. I know for sure that Chimney Rock is a famous landform. It was used as a landmark for people who were following the Oregon Trail. Another landform is the Ogallala Aquifer. It's basically a huge natural storage of water underground. On (MORE)

What can you do in Nebraska?

You can go hiking,have a picnic,go to sporting events,and spend time outside.You may also look at the beauty in Nebraska.

How do deserts get there?

Some deserts occur naturally. They are simply areas with low rainfall. Not only do they have low rainfall but they can go a number of months or longer without any rain. Other deserts are man made. Some come about when people strip the natural vegetation from an area. Some result when people remove t (MORE)

Is Nebraska big?

Nebraska has an area of 77,354 square miles which makes it the 16th largest US State. No, it would not be considered big if compared to Alaska, but it is king sized when compared to Rhode Island.

Tell me were is Nebraska?

Nebraska is in the Central United States. It is south of South Dakota, North of Kansas, East of Wyoming and Colorado, and West of Iowa.

What conference is Nebraska in?

nebraska's main university, the univeristy of nebraska Lincoln was in the big twelve, but has just recently switched to the big ten as of 2011.

Was there an earthquake in Nebraska?

Since 1867, the year Nebraska became a state, at least 7 earthquakes have originated within Nebraska's boundaries. The strongest of these occurred on November 15, 1877 with an intensity of at least VII based on the Modified Mercalli scale of earthquake intensity from I to XII. This scale replaced th (MORE)

What size is Nebraska?

Nebraska has a total area of 77,355 square miles ( 200,350 square kilometers), making it the fifteenth largest state in the US.

Where are the mountains in Nebraska?

Technically, there is not a mountain range in Nebraska. In the panhandle (west side) of the state there are the Wildcat Hills and the Scottsbluff National Monument, which is made up of a collection of bluffs.

What colleges are in Nebraska?

Private Colleges & University Name Address Bellevue University Bellevue Clarkson College Omaha College of Saint Mary Omaha Concordia University Seward Creighton University 2500 California Plaza, Omaha Dana College Blair Grace University Omaha Midland Lutheran College Fremont Nebraska (MORE)

When will it snow in Nebraska?

Typically the snowiest months are December - February, although we do get snow as early as October and as late as May.

Who is the governor of Nebraska?

The current Governor of Nebraska is Dave Heineman (R). Heineman assumed office as the 39th Governor of Nebraska on January 20, 2005 with the departure of Governor Mike Johanns for a US cabinet position. His second elected term as governor extends from January 2011 to January 2015.

Where are rattlers in Nebraska?

In the extreme Southeast section, Richardson County, there are three venomous snakes. Timber Rattler, Mississauga Rattler and the Copperhead. As a rule you won't see a Prairie Rattler until you are well west of Grand Island. That doesn't mean they can't be there, it's just they are more prominent th (MORE)

What is the desert?

The desert is defined as a region that receives less than 10 inches(250 mm) of precipitation on average per year.

What is it like in Nebraska?

If you like fried chicken, sweet tea and larry the cable guy youll like nebraska. if u like arts and french cuisine and big city stuff youd like omaha; it really is in a class of its own.

What does Nebraska mean?

It is derived from the Oto Indian word nebrathka, meaning "flat water" (for the Platte River).