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Does Ralphs grocery stores honor double coupons?

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Yes Ralphs grocery stores double coupons.
Here is their coupon policy:

1. The manufacturer coupon must have a "retailer's contract" to be valid and the customer must purchase the exact item.

2. Only one manufacturer coupon can be used per item unless otherwise noted on the coupon.

3. Up to 50 cents may be doubled. Some exceptions apply.

4. A Limit of one coupon for each like item will be doubled per customer.

5. The following coupons may not be doubled:

ACT MEDIA, ACTNOW, Checkout (Catalina),Free,Fluid Milk Products, Liquor, Ralphs, Store and Tobacco

6. Coupons requiring multiple items are excluded.

7. Coupons that exceed the value of the item may not be doubled.

We reserve the right to accept, limit, or refuse manufacturer coupons issued by other retailers. We do not accept expired coupons.

You may want to speak to your local store manager to see how many coupons may be doubled per shopping trip
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