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Does a 17-year-old have the right to make their own decisions about relationships?

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I disagree with "waiting until you're 18" There is a lot to be learned about love and relationships, and you know yourself better than anyone else and should be able to make those decisions and whatever age hey come along, I do however agree with asking mom or dad for advice because most of the time they know alot more about this stuff than they let on. But its true, love has no rules. It will show up when it will, and there really is no point in fighting it because that will only result in heartache. One of my favorite quotes I've ever heard is "don't regret something if it ever made you happy"
I think that it doesnt matter how old you are, love doesn't have rules. Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, but that's what helps you grow as a person. You should take mom/dads advice cause the do know somethings, but when it comes to your happiness you make the final decision.  
I assume that you have a relationship that your parents don't approve of? If that's the case, then until you're 18 you're a minor, and that means that your parents decide who you can/can't spend time with. I know you probably don't think it's fair, but there are a lot of unfair things in life. Even if you don't agree with a law, you still have to follow it. And in just one more year, you'll be a legal adult and then you can decide for yourself who you see. But let me add that parents want their children to be happy. They also want to protect you from anything bad. If they have forbidden you to see someone, then they have a reason for it. Sometimes when young girls are 'in love' that love blinds them to other things. Often Mom and Dad will see things that you don't.  
No,a 17 year old should not be able to make his/her own relationship decisions util they are moved out or are 18.

of course they should. it s their relationship and their life, if they want to do something its their choice and nobody elses, everyone controls their own desicions, and, if they make a mistake they are the ones who have to deal with it.
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