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Does a narcissist enjoy your company more if you're entertaining or is it just all about them and whether you are attentive enough to them?

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Narcissists are interested only in obtaining narcissistic supply. They couldn't care less about you, your traits, your needs, your skills, or your wishes and preferences.
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What is an entertainment company?

An entertainment company is a firm that offers different forms of  entertainment as their core business. Such companies are hired for  both private and public events.

Do narcissists enjoy tormenting their victims?

    Answer       Yes I think some are sadists. They study the victims tone of voice, reaction and body language to see what works. They love to throw you

Will a Narcissist appear to change behavior and reconcile just to get you more hooked in order to hurt you more deeply at a later time?

Answer   They may not even be consciously trying to hurt you again. They just see you as someone they haven't been around for a while. You're sort of "new blood" again. T

Why does the narcissist just disappear?

Because he doesn't care about you and he is off to look for his next feed of adoration. He is sick. You cant fix him. He will come back when he needs you. Think of yourself as

Is there any use in calling a Narcissist on his lies or does he just get more determined to hide the truth?

He's bigger than your version of the truth!     Based on my personal experience, three things are very likely:   -He will view this confrontation as a major threat.

Do Narcissists enjoy sex?

Of course they can. My N and I would have sex about 6-7 times day. We were in lust. We did it everywhere, all day long. He said he was never like that before and that I brough

Does a narcissist enjoy sex?

  A narcissist is a person who has an excessive love of him or her self, based on ego or false self image. They are charicterized by ovebearing vanity, selfishness, and de

What did my narcissist ex-boyfriend mean by you're stirring my pot again when I asked if it was over between us he then ignored all my text again?

One interpretation may be that you're making him angry. But, if you read your question, you will notice that you called him your ex-boyfriend. If he really is your ex, then th

Are movies more than just entertainment?

Though movies were originally made for entertainment, like silent films in WW1, movies now have become a way for writers and directors to express themselves through how a move

Can you cause damage to your prostate massaging it all the time with objects or your fingers not gay you just enjoy the orgasm more also is it normal you can ejaculate with out masturbating your penis?

  You can damage the inner lining of your rectum by using sharp objects or fingernails. But if you're careful you should be OK.     Your prostate will not be damage

Many blind pedestrians are hit from behind as they cross the street by when the driver just wasn't paying close enough attention to the road?

Many drivers are sidetracked by things such as their cell phones,  iPods or other music players, or just from thinking of other things  and not focusing on their driving. Th

If you were discarded by a Narcissist after a 3-month relationship which he said was all an illusion does this mean you're free of him forever or will he come back looking for more supply?

Opinions from contributors: I was discarded after a 4 month relationship that, in her dilutedmind, was NOT a dating relationship, when it was the most intensething I had ever

What kinds of entertainment did the Romans enjoy?

The Roman people enjoyed diverse entertainments. They liked spectator events such as chariot racing, precision equestrian events such as the Troy games, the festival of the Oc