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Does a narcissist enjoy your company more if you're entertaining or is it just all about them and whether you are attentive enough to them?

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Narcissists are interested only in obtaining narcissistic supply. They couldn't care less about you, your traits, your needs, your skills, or your wishes and preferences.
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If you were discarded by a Narcissist after a 3-month relationship which he said was all an illusion does this mean you're free of him forever or will he come back looking for more supply?

Opinions from contributors: I was discarded after a 4 month relationship that, in her dilutedmind, was NOT a dating relationship, when it was the most intensething I had ever

Do Narcissists enjoy sex?

Of course they can. My N and I would have sex about 6-7 times day. We were in lust. We did it everywhere, all day long. He said he was never like that before and that I brough

Do narcissists enjoy tormenting their victims?

    Answer       Yes I think some are sadists. They study the victims tone of voice, reaction and body language to see what works. They love to throw you

Why does he pay more attention to you when you both agreed to be just friends?

Be very careful! This person obviously doesn't want commitment and wants all the fringe benefits. Since he just wants to be friends then let him know loud and clear that sex w

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How can you tell whether someone is just alcoholic or whether they are also a narcissist?

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