Does a verbal agreement for custody stand up in court in pa?

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no, not anywhere, being that there is no legitimate proof.
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Does a verbal premarital agreement with credible witnesses stand up in court?

Unfortunately in the case of premarital underage sex, it will most likely not hold up especially if the child whose parents are pressing charges is still at the age where the

Does a verbal agreement hold up in court?

In certain circumstances, a verbal agreement will hold up in court.All the elements of a contract must be present: Offer, acceptance,and consideration.

What is ARD stand for in PA Court?

\nARD is an acronym for "Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition." It is a Pennsylvania program for first time DUI offenders that keeps the offender's criminal record clean, a

Will verbal agreements hold up in court if there is no written contract?

Generally not, except one aspect: if the landlord accepts the rent from a tenant he must provide the tenant with a safe, decent, health place to stay with the standard rights

Can a verbal agreement stand up in court if person is deceased?

It is normally very difficult to provide evidence in these matters ,unless there was or is a live 3rd witness who could testify before the court under strict oath,although the

Contempt of court of custody agreement?

If the mother does not give the children to the father on his court appointed scheduled time then she is contempt of court. If the father does not bring the children back when

Is friendly verbal agreement valid in court?

Depends upon the jurisdiction, but in most English speaking countries, a verbal agreement will be enforceable provided both parties "intended to create legal relations". The t
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Can a verbal agreement regarding child custody override a court order?

No. Only a court order can override an existing court order. A verbal agreement will be considered by the court in rendering its decision but the verbal agreement in and of it

Is a verbal rental agreement legal in PA?

Most states allow verbal rental agreements. But when the landlord chooses to execute this he must be aware that anything that he wants to enforce about your tenancy there he m