Does alcohol cause foot pain?

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What causes bottom foot pain?

Bottom foot pain can have a variety of causes. It can be anythingfrom a bruised heel to plantar fasciitis. Either way, it should belooked at by a doctor if it persists.

Does alcohol cure foot pain?

Well, alcohol makes your brain less responsive on stimuli likepain, so the answer is yes, alcohol can be used as a pain killer.I'd reccomend less messy drugs on this one thoug

Can a jolt to the foot cause knee pain?

yes is can u might die so iwould die even if ure hairy it still wont help so go die because urre gunna die because a dieing pain in the pain area

What are some possible causes of foot pain?

Foot pain can be caused by multiple things. If you're diabetic the foot pain can be nerve damage or your foot pain could also be caused by bad fitting shoes or how you distrib

Is foot pain common and what are the major causes?

Apparently foot pain is fairly common. The major causes are trauma which can be attributed to a wide range of causes: wearing too tight shoes or injury due to playing sports,

Do high heels cause foot pain?

high heels do give the feet pain, but when you walk only on the ball of your feet(front part of feet). also if you wear high heels often for a long period of time, this can ca
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What can cause foot pain in young girls?

There are two main reasons why a young girl might have foot pain. The first is she just may be playing to hard with her friend, in which case an afternoon of taking it easy on
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What is the cause of ball of foot pain?

As with any body pain, there are multiple reasons for incurring pain in the ball of your foot. One of the most common causes is imbalance of the foot bones created by conditi