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No, different speciesof animals speak different languages. a whale and a dog can hear each other but do not understand what they are trying to say.even rabbits and Giraffes have their own communicantion sistem but unfortunatly we cant even hear this language.
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Did the Normans speak the same language as the Saxons?

The Normans lived in the North of France in an area that to this day is still called Normandy. They had a dialect that would have been similar to the French used at the time b

Do china and japan speak the same language?

They speak different languages...there are different forms of Chinese that they speak in China, and forms of Japanese in Japan.

How is it that people from different countries who speak the same language may still miscommunicate?

People in different areas develop different slang phrases, so that a word or phrase that means one thing in your area might mean a totally different thing somewhere else. An e

Why don't we all speak the same language?

The reason that we all don't speak the same language is because we all come from backgrounds. If i lived in Paris, France then i would speak French. If i lived in Hamburg, Ger

Did all native americans speak the same language?

No, they spoke many thousands of different languages throughout the Americas. Even neighbouring tribes could not understand each other - such as the Comanche and Kiowa, who we

Do Pakistan and India speak the same language?

As pakistan was part of india before 1947 therefore both country shares almost same language and you can call it Hindustani because initially it was hindi but due to invasion

Why does Brazil and Portugal speak the same language?

Because Portugal was the discoverer of Brazil, and we have been colonized by the Portuguese people during a long period, so we got the Portuguese language from Portugal.
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Did Athens and Sparta speak the same language?

no athen and sparta did not speak the same language because of different culters

What two countries in Europe speak the same language?

France and Belgium although Belgium has a significent Dutch speaking population.     Switzerland speaks French, Italian and German     Austria and Germany both s

Why do different countries speak in the same language but not the same accent?

It is not just a matter of countries. Different places within each country often speak with different accents and use different words (called dialect). Languages are in a co