Does anyone have home remedies for scabies?

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I used straight laundry bleach on my skin-- it stung-- but it drew out the little critters.
I put about one half inch deep of full strength laundry bleach in a plastic pan (11 x 14 inches), in the tub, and then i stepped into the bleach, undressed. Next i rubbed the bleach into small areas of my skin--as it dried, it felt as though grains of sand came out of my skin----these are the crusted scabies at the nymph stage-- . As larvae--they live under the skin for 2-3 days, then in the nymph stage, they enter into a hair follicle to stay on the surface of the skin. The grains of sand feeling is the nymphs coming up from the hair follicles. Eventually i rubbed them out all over my entire body-- and then showered off. I will repeat this every day-- felt no movement at night. Reapplied a second treatment of the permethrin cream--the cream seemed to only work on the adults-- not the nymphs or larvae-- but the bleach seemed to kill the nymphs. Will leave cream on for 24 hours-- rather than the recommended 8-14 hours-- to really kill all viable adults-- will wash with bleach for at least two weeks--until the 21 day life cycle is broken. This process stung-- but i really want to kill these obnoxious critters. I have an alternative answer to the question you asked. I beg to differ with the poster that said there is no home treatment. The shortcut is to go to the doc, but that is not always desired by people for something that can be treated at home. In my experience, I was able to successfully treat it with natural ingredients and a strict cleanliness regime, which I will share below. The reason someone might want to go a natural route is because of 1) embarassment, 2) worry of the strong and severe potential side effects of the doctor-prescribed chemical treatments and of course 3) money.

I am no doctor... but I was able to cure myself and keep it from the rest of my family with aggressive natural treatment and strict, strict cleanliness. I can't say for sure what or if this regimen will work for every person... I can only share with you what helped me.

I got this, "thanks" to a family member that must have shared it with me when I hugged them goodbye, who I later found out had this (and that's all I did was hug him! But he was pretty eaten up with it, we later discovered). It's embarrassing to tell people you have this, because of the stigma typically associated with it. I did not want to go to the doctor with this and fortunately I was able to treat from home. Don't listen to people who say flat out "It will not work." It's your body... do what you think is best.

1) Aggressive cleanliness. Wash things you use DAILY. Clean jeans, shirts, bed sheets, pillowcases. I washed everything fresh, every morning, before I used them during the day. EVERYTHING.

2) Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water, soap, sanitizer after scratching because SCRATCHING WILL TRANSFER THE MITE OTHER PLACES ON YOUR BODY! Try to scratch with toilet tissue if you can, then throw away.

3) Keep the areas covered if at all possible, using long sleeved shirts, jeans/pants, long nightgowns or pajamas with long sleeves, to prevent giving it to your loved ones.

4) Tea tree oil... tea tree oil... tea tree oil. YES this is highly effective! I had scabies for a few weeks before I realized what it was... but once I started using tea tree oil, it was gone in two weeks.

Apply it with every itch... at night before bed... during the night (since you will probably be up scratching)... etc. Yes it is a bit strong, but it will dry up and KILL OUT the mites. If the skin becomes dry, simple moisturizer over a few days will take care of it. This is what I did. I used a deep moisturizer after the mites were gone and within a couple days my skin returned to normal.

5) Coconut and Olive oils. I am an aromatherapist and found that for me personally, by mixing about 3/4 cup of combined coconut and olive oils (bought from the grocery store and then I mixed here at home) as a base in a small jar, bottle, or cup... then using an eyedropper, about five to seven drops of tea tree oil (we buy ours at wal mart in the vitamin department, 2 oz for $8) and five drops of lavender (make sure first that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients) this makes a wonderful natural medicine for the scabies areas. I did not have orange or peppermint oils but I recommend a drop or two of each as well. I personally used the mixture several times a day when the itching got severe.

6) Wash with RID lice shampoo in the same manner as if using for body lice. Do the follow up treatment in a week (and if you're really worried about it, do another a week later. I only did two treatments.) While it will not kill what is under the skin (that's what the tea tree is for!), it will help kill whatever is *on* the skin. It is not as strong as the doctor-prescribed pyremethrin treatment (and therefore somewhat safer... read some of the side effects of that stuff!) but it will help, is readily available over the counter, and much *much* cheaper.

As a side note... have everyone in your home wash with it too, when you do, just like a lice treatment, and wash everyone's clothes and bedsheets daily too, separate from yours. Always wash in hot water, soap, and dry on a hot setting.

7) The other thing I did that helped greatly during the day with itching and also drying up the places was Medicated Baby Powder by Johnson and Johnson, with Aloe, E, and Zinc Oxide (yellow & white bottle). I would sprinkle this quite liberally wherever I itched, and even (I know it sounds funny but it worked) in my pants legs, as I had some terrible spots on the insides of my legs and on my waist. While it did not heal the problem by itself (I was doing this before the tea tree) it did help make life bearable. The tea tree though was what started the healing process, for me.

I am (happily and gratefully) scabie free and thankfully did not spread it to my loved ones.

Again, I am not a doctor & cannot/will not presume to tell you this as medical advice or a for-sure treatment. This is not medical advice. This is just me, sharing with you, what worked in my situation. If there is anything helpful here then I'm glad to share what I have found worked for me.

 One of the biggest mistakes is trying home remedy for scabies.

Many people spend months trying home remedies like tea tree oil, boras, sulfur, etc. Unfortunately, no home remedies for scabies work. And while you are wasting time using them, your scabies infection will worsen. It is important to start effective treatment immediately before the condition worsens. You need to use a safe and effective treatment, not a home remedy that won't help.
scabies is a skin infection that is caused by a type of mite. It is very contagious. Scabies mites burrow, or tunnel, under the outer layer of skin. This produces pimple-like irritations known as the scabies rash. Avoid having sexual intercourse,until treatment is complete.
The mites are about the size of a pinhead, are nearly transparent, and usually cannot be seen. These mites lay eggs under the skin and feed on blood.

I disagree that home remedies don't work for scabies - they do. My son had scabies all over, we still don't know where he got it. He was in Prep at the time and can only assume that he picked it up there. It was a real nightmare getting rid of it. At first, we didn't go about it the right way and only treated him. The second time around we did get it right though and treated everyone and cleaned and treated the whole house.

It is so time consuming to get it right, but you need to put the work in or else they will be back.
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