Does every gun shop in America sell the M1 Garand?

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The M1 Garand has not been produced since 1956. Obviously, every gun shop does not have one in stock.
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What is the M1 Garand?

The M-1 Garand rifle is an American gas-operated semi-automatic centerfire rifle with an internal 8-round fixed magazine using en-bloc clips. The full official designation of

How do you get an M1 Garand?

The M1 is no longer issued by the US military as a combat weapon. It may be in limited use for ceremonial, drill and instructional purposes. The way to get one in the civilian

How many shops in America sell guns?

That is a very difficult to answer. Just in the city were I am there are at least 15 or 20, and probably a lot more. There are 4 or 5 major gun stores and most pawn shops sell

What is better a m1 garand or a m1 carbine?

That's a matter of opinion. The M1 Garand is larger, heavier and shoots a more powerful cartridge than the M1 carbine. They are two completely different rifles. ----------

Which is better - the M1 Garand or the Thompson submachine gun?

The tactical situation will dictate which one would be "better" in a particular engagement scenario. M1 Garand excels at longer ranges. Thompson is much more maneuverable i

Where do they sell m1 garands?

A well supplied gun dealer will have M1 Garands, and most gun shows. IF you are an adult US citizen, you may also buy an M1 from the US Govt. Do an internet search for Civilia

How did the M1 Garand change Warfare?

It changed it by being the first general issue semi-automatic rifle that outclassed all other countries' bolt action rifles, it ussured in the era of fast, highly accurate sem

Can you legally own a M1 Garand?

Depends on the laws where you ARE (We get question from several different nations) In the US, if you meet the requirements to own a firearm, you can own an M1 Garand. They a

When was the M1 garand created?

It was designed in 1932 by John C. Garand. It started being used by U.S. Forces in 1936 and is still being used today for drilling use.

How do you get the M1 Garand in Battlefield BC2?

first you need to have used a different battlefield game online with the same account as your bc2 account then go onto the bf bc2 website and sign up then click on veteran it

How do you get a m1 garand?

Purchase from a dealer or private seller. If you are a US citizen over 18, and participate in organized shooting, you can buy one from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. See l
In World War 1

Was m1 Garand used in ww1?

no, the M1 Garand was not. it was cleared for production in November 1935, then standardized in January 1936. it was successfully proof-fired, function-fired, and fired for ac