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Does ganoderma suppress appetite?

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Does Ephedra really suppress appetite?

  Yes, because of its *ephedrine* content. Ephedrine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Stimulants are usually appetite suppressants (anorectics).

Is methadone an appetite suppressant?

No it is not, in fact methadone makes you gain weight. It gives you major sugar cravings and if you can't fight them you gain weight. Good news is.... If you come off of metha

What is a good appetite suppressant?

I would try UniqueHoodia as it is natural and not full of chemicals and other additives. I also recommend simply drinking more water and eating small meals and snacks through

Does caffeine suppress your appetite?

  Caffeine in coffee is an appetite suppressant, like many stimulants. Caffeine is found in a lot of diet pills. However, the effect doesn't last very long, and more rec

Does profiderall suppress your appetite?

PROFIDERALL is not specifically engineered as an appetite suppressant, but, as with any stimulant, you may experience a suppression in appetite.

Does Claritin suppress appetite?

Yes, I have been taking the recommended dosage of claritin everyday for a week now, and i never feel hungry anymore.

Is cinnamon an appetite suppressant?

"Cinnamon seems to have an insulin-like effect, enhancing the satiety center in your brain while also reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Just a half teaspoon a day c

Does Prozac suppress appetite?

yup i've been on prozc 3 days now and cant eat as much. For example i used to eat 2 plates at dinner now i can barely eat 1 plate, i'm stuffed half way through. So yea guess

Does serax suppress one's appetite?

Hi! The answer I have for this question is no. I have been on serax for several years and find that after I take it I usually crave sweets about half hour or 1 hour after. I h

Does Zoloft suppress your appetite?

  Zoloft (sertralin) can both supress and augment appetite. Since it is mostly given as an antidepressant, many patients before starting on sertralin have diminished appet

What is the best appetite suppressant?

The absolute best appetite suppressant is to simply eat nutritional  foods that are filled with fiber. This is because fiber will fill  you up quicker and it will end your c

Can you take appetite suppressants with ssris?

There are many kinds of appetite suppressants. Acomplia (discontinued in the EU, maybe in the US also due to high risk of suicide) is contradicted officially to psychiatric