Does gravity push or pull?

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Gravity is the attraction of mass to other mass. It is a "pull" rather than a "push" in that light.
Not really. This is a 17th century Newtonian way of looking at Gravity. A
According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, gravity is a push. The space around an object is malleable and is warped by that object. So in Earth's case the Space is pushing us back down to earth.
There are many arguments for both pull and push when it comes to gravity, a search of the internet will lead you to many arguments for both push and pull
I disagree with the above Gravity is still a PULL rather than a PUSH Anyone else care to add ?
No it is a pushing effect. Think of earth as being immersed in pool of dark matter, which could also be described as Einstein's Space-time stuff, it is pressure of that displacement on neutral particles in your body and other everyday stuff that results in the downward force. An interesting fact that proves this is that as soon as you go underground you become slightly lighter. Another fact is that when you go into space just outside of the atmosphere you become weightless within a relatively short distance (Note from J. Craig: This is not true. You feel weightless if you are falling around the Earth, which is called orbit.). If it were a pulling force you would lose weight at the inverse square law and it does not happen that way. Also if you consider the Moon as shielding us from gravity rather than pulling us, it would create the same effect.

Now, while the above is a very good example of the theoretical background of the advancement of gravity discussions, it's mostly useless to someone wanting applicable knowledge about gravity.
With this said, gravity is BOTH a push and a pull. Think about a horse and carriage. To the observer, the horse is pulling the carriage. To the horse, however, it feels as though it's pushing on the chest brace to move the carriage. Even in engineering calculations using vector forces, the difference between push and pull doesn't matter much when doing calculations with particle physics.

It should be of course both. There's no need to scientific detail. You just have to understand the definition of the words push and pull. Pushing simply means that the mass of the motivating force is coming from behind. Pulling means the mass of the motivation force is in front. The effects of gravity is seemingly tethered to all parts of our body, as if we were submerged in it, so it could be seen as doing both.

The difference between push and pull is merely a semantic argument.
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Gravitational forces are always attractive, acting in the direction to bring two masses together.

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Force of gravity is a pull force. Earth has this force. The earth pulls us towards its center so that we are standing on it. If it was to push we would be in space now.

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