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Does ground water freeze in winter?

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yes groundwater freezes in winter.
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Is draining all but a foot or so of water out of an above ground pool through winter a bad idea even when you live in the South and don't have to worry much about freezing?

\nDoesn't some amount of water help hold the pools shape so it doesn't colapse? I had an upbove ground pool that we left a little water in for the winter so it wouldn't fall

Why do deep bodies of water not freeze over in winter?

Answer why don't lakes freeze? . The H2O molecule is a dipole (it looks kinda like this: o: the "o: is the oxygen atom, and ":" is the two hydrogens) Since the hy

Does the water in the water tower freeze in cold winter?

It can, but usually doesn't for two reasons : it is not exposed directly to the air, and there is generally water being added which must also be cooled to freeze. Water in mot

How do you winterize an above ground pool in freezing weather?

Regardless of how your hands react to frost bite here is the procedure to winterising your pool . You will need . Acid/Alkali Shock Chlorine granules Long Life Winte

When a lake starts to freeze at the top in winter at night How is the water losing heat energy assuming that the air and ground surrounding the water are at the same temperature as the water?

Well, how does your body lose heat? You sweat, your sweat evaporates, and you get cooler. Your question ignores the humidity of the air over this lake. Try this, if you like:
In Ducks

How do ducks not freeze in water in winter?

They swim about slowly in a circle (sometimes with other aquatic birds) as a group which prevents (up to certain temperatures) the water around them from freezing. ---------