Does honey improve your singing voice?

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Not drastically, but it has been shown to help with sore throats and breathing, it has been proven by scientists that when singers ate honey half an hour before they sang, were able to sing slightly longer. I depends quite a bit on the person.
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How can you improve your singing voice?

use your belly for managing air . sing from the stomach . warm up before singing drink lemon mixed with honey . open your mouthh when singing . sing in your natural voice

Does tea improve your singing voice?

Well regular tea like iced tea, peach tea, green tea, sweet tea and white tea do not... but hot tea does. It is a good remedy for sore throats also. But there also is another

How do you improve a bad singing voice to a good singing voice Include technique pointers?

Easy, take singing lessons from a professional voice coach. 12 to 24 months of lessons should have you sounding like a pro, provided you practise as requested and almost dai

How do you improve a bad singing voice to a good singing voice?

If your voice is in need of a change of such dimensions, I suggest nothing short of a proper singing teacher! Ágrafos There is no 'good' or 'bad' singing voice. It's

Which foods improve your singing voice?

there has been a buzz about hot chips (such as Chester's hot cheetos,hot fries,hot popcorn anything of that nature) that opens your vocal chords just enough for your words to
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How can you improve your singing voice without any lessons or singing programs?

The short answer: You cant...very much. The long answer: You can improve your voice a bit on your own to a certain extent, but not nearly the results you would see by studying

Does singing the highest you can improve your voice?

Whether you mean singing with the highest AMPLITUDE (loud) you can, or with the highest FREQUENCY (pitch) you can, really doesn't make much difference. Routinely straining and