Does it hurt when a mother is giving birth to a baby?

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Yes IT hurts a lot but it's a pain that's worth it because you have a baby to love at the end of it! You soon forget the pain otherwise mothers would only have one child.
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When you get an epidural does it still hurt giving birth to the baby?

An epidural can't totally take everything away, usually the midwife or dr will let it wear off a little when it's time to push so that you can push effectively. If you cant pu

What do mother koalas do when they give birth to a baby koala?

The birth of a baby koala is non-eventful. Female koalas give birth high up in eucalyptus trees, in relative safety. As koalas are marsupials, their young are extremely small

Can O mother give birth to A baby?

Yes. Blood type is the common product of three different alleles: Co-dominant I A , and I B , and the recessive i. If the mother has blood type O, she has the alleles ii.

How does a mother hawk give birth to a baby hawk?

A mother hawk doesn't give birth to a baby hawk, it lays eggs. The baby hawk (as with birds in general) grows inside the egg and then hatches from the egg, which the hawk has