Does mark franks from car booty have an antique shop?

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yes he dose its in london
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What do Rd markings on an antique mean?

Rd is a British abbreviation for "Registered". In 1885 Rd and a number was used to mark each china pattern registered with the Design Patent Office. Earlier marks, starting in

Do antique shops always sell real antiques?

Hi I am Andrew Nebbett of Andrew Nebbett Antiques London There is no legal requiremant for a shop with Antiques above the door to sell REAL antiq

Can you get car insurance for antique cars?

Yes, one can purchase car insurance for antique cars. If the car is used for display only, you can get a Specialty Auto Insurance policy for far less than what you would pay f
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What shops sell vintage architectural antiques?

One online shop that sells vintage architectural antiques is The Depot Architectural Antiques. Bauer Brothers Salvage is another shop and it is located in Minneapolis, Minnes
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Where is a good place to shop for Christmas antiques?

Most large cities usually have multiple antique stores that a person can shop at. When a person isn't fortunate enough to live close to a large city they can also check eBay,