Does penis throbbing diminish with age even though erections are hard?

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What causes an erect penis not to be hard enough to penetrate?

It depends on the individual. If the male is middle-age or older, it could be caused by restricted blood flow through the Dorsal Artery or any point of blood flow to the Dorsa

You are 12 your penis is 3.74 erect is that normal for your age?

Your genitalia size was pre-determined before birth by the genes from your parents. You basically got what you got ... there is no standard normal penis size for any particula

Is it bad that you use penis exercises even though you are 13?

You can exercise your cock as much as you like. It is the ONLY an organ that does not get bigger by exercising. Your penis ALWAYS stays the same size from teenage to old age.

What can cause a guy to not get an erection even though he is really in the mood for sex?

I have had this problem many times before. Although you are very much "in the mood" you 1. may not be sexually attracted to your partner2. may be stressed or thinking too much
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What is the best way to keep a penis hard after erection?

The only ways to keep the penis erect are continued stimulation and medication. Stimulation can be in the form of arousal (looking at or thinking of arousing things) or throug