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Does putting your shoes in the freezer get of odor?

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I actually just tried to put a pair of my stinky shoes in to the freezer to see so that my information would be accurate, and according to my results, no. I believe this is the reason: Body odor is caused by liquid such as sweat. When the sweat transfers on to articles of clothing, it carries the odor with it. So, when you freeze it, it just slows down the moving particles in it. The stink may go away while they are cold, but when they return to room temperature they will be just as smelly. >.<
However, I'm not going to leave you without an answer, so I do have two methods that DO work. One of them is putting a small amount of baking soda in the shoe, placing your hand over the hole, and shaking it. Or you can simply wash them in the washer if they are just like running shoes.

Second answer begins here:
I have had very good results from freezing shoes to eliminate odor. The odor is a result of bacteria, sweat by itself does not smell. By freezing your shoes, you are killing the bacteria living in your shoes and producing that bad odor. Important: You must freeze your shoes for long enough that the bacteria will die. Overnight will probably be okay, but longer is better. If you are using your food freezer for this, I recommend putting those stinky shoes in a sealed plastic bag or container. You don't want the frozen food to taste like stinky shoes. When I did it, I left my shoes outside on the back porch overnight. The temperature at 10pm was 4 F, overnight it dropped below zero. The next day I brought them inside, let them warm up and the stink was gone. I'm sure the fresh air helped too.
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