Does sense of smell and sight affect food taste?

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What you see and smell on the plate definitely affects the way the food tastes. If you smell something raunchy, 7 out of 10 times it'll taste just as it smells. However, if you hold your nose while taking a bite, it won't taste as bad...almost bland, actually. As for the sight, not so much. You can't smell through your eyes. However, if something looks unappetizing you expect it taste when you taste it, it more likely will taste bad, because it's already in your head how it'll taste.
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Does smell affect the taste of foods?

yes, the mouth and the nose is connected, if the nose doesnt like the smell the mouth makes it taste funny and sometimes if the nose really doesnt like it, it sends actions

Does smell affect sense of taste?

Yes the sense of taste is very closely related to the sence of smell. Loss of smell drastically reduces the sense of taste.

How does smell affect your sense of taste?

Smell is an important part of taste. without smell you would not taste anything. So if you don't have a sense of smell you won't have the sense of taste eather.

Can hydrocodone affect the sense of taste and smell?

I don't know if it was from my prolonged Hydrocodone use or not but... recently I had a problem swallowing and was unable to take my medication for over 24 hours. I have been