Does the 1990 Chevy Corsica have hazard lights?

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What is wrong when your 1991 Chevy Corsica battery and resistant inflatable light pops on?

Answer . You have electrical problems. Take it to a good garage.. My '92 Corsica did that when I put a new bolt on the negative terminal for the battery. I replaced it with the old one and never had the problem again. -xGuiltyFatex . I am not 100% sure its probably your alternator have it chec (MORE)

How do you change the headlights on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

hey raise the hood 2 plastic 1/4 turn hand held screws above headlight remove them and cover reach down and unplug 2 bulbs one is hi beam one is low unplug twist out to remove this car is a hard one to work on do u know how to change the heater core on this car if so respond to spapaanddama@wm conne (MORE)

How do you replace the bulb for your instrument panel lights on a '92 Chevy Corsica?

There are three little screws under the headlight switch/knob thing, and three screws under the wiper control knob/switch thingy... take those out.. Place both hands on top of your dash and PULL towards you, and it will pop off... do not be afraid to pull.... Ok, then you unplug the wires to the h (MORE)

How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

Lucky for you I was working on one of these today! (the stalls when hot and then after restarting immediately stalls again deals) The alternator on this engine is easy to get to and replace. It is in the top left corner of the engine (when facing the car from the front). All you need to do is remove (MORE)

How do you get to the tail light bulbs to change them in a 1996 Chevy Corsica?

On the 96 Corsica the tail lights, reverse lights, sidemarkers, and license plate lights are contained in one module. To remove the module, open the trunk and pull back the felt against the back. There should be three large plastic wingnuts and two small ones. Remove the three large wingnuts and pul (MORE)

How to replace a headlamp on a Chevy Corsica 1990?

this information should be in the owner's manual-if you don't have it ,i'd guess it will be the same as my '91: 1. Under the hood right above the lamp is a plastic cover with two retaining knobs. Twist the knobs 1/4 turn and fold the cover back. 2. remove the locking knobs on the headlight assembly (MORE)

Where is the interior lights button on a 95 Chevy Corsica door?

Answer . If you are talking about all the interior lights being on...then on the knob that turns the headlights on and off the part that sticks out is also adjustable, where you can control how dim the instrument cluster is, anyway its probably set to on so just click it off, i believe turn it do (MORE)

On a 1989 Chevy Corsica all the lights flash for hazards so why would the left turn signal go steady-on while the right turn signal flashes lights normally?

Answer . \nIt turns out the problem was that a couple of bulbs on the left side were burned out (front left turn signal, one of the rear turn signal/brake light bulbs.)\n. \nAfter replacing the rear bulbs, the signal would work, albeit slowly.\n. \nOnce I pulled the front left turn bulb (with t (MORE)

Why would the check engine light illuminate on a 1990 Chevy Corsica only when the max heater or defrost is activated and the normal HVAC works fine?

Answer . \nlook at the o2 sensor. the motor slows down and may cause the reading. you can take it to a parts store and ask them to run a computer scan and see if it can identify the problem. they ususally don't charge for the scan. they want to sell you the parts for the problem. The age of (MORE)

Your 92 Chevy Corsica ABS light always on?

I had a similar problem like this, first you need to test to make sure you ABS fuse is working (getting power). Second make sure all of your pads are working. Mine ended up being the rear brakes, I had a small leak in the brake lines that was causing a pressure difference in the Master Brake Booster (MORE)

Why Chevy hazard lights flash when turn signal is used?

Does your hazard lights only work when you turn the flashers on and the turn signal on at the same time? GM is known for having a multi-purpose switch... this switch controls your lights, turn signals, hazard lights and high beams... sometimes cruise control too... well anywho, sometimes that switch (MORE)

What will make 1990 Chevy Corsica to run quieter?

If you are speaking of exhaust noise, repair your exhaust leaks. If you are speaking of engine noise, and it is loud enough that it bothers you, or sounds unnatural, the engine may be damaged internally. An inspection by a mechanic will tell you if your engine is making more noise than it should. re (MORE)