Does the flip video have a pause?

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no it doesn't
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How do you make a paused video a picture?

If you have a computer/laptop that has the button that says "PRTSC SYSRQ" on it then click that as your looking at the paused video and then open a paint document and click th

How do you pause a video on a mac book?

You can press pause or, in most applications such as iTunes or QuickTime, pressing the Space bar will toggle the video between playing and pausing.

Why does video pause and stop on your laptop?

It's probably because you didn't let the video buffer. Leave it paused for a couple minutes then come back to it and it in theory shouldn't be stopping every couple seconds.

Can a flip camera pause while videoing?

lol... videoing. No unfortunatly you can't pause while recording on any flip camera, which i personally think is retarted. But you can get all of your videos, save them onto

Can you pause the video on the iphone 4?

Depends on what video you're talking about. When a video starts playing (any video, from your iPod, YouTube, Camera, etc.), the controls disappear so they don't obscure the