Does the iphone 4 have unlimited text?

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if you service provider gave that to you then yes
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What is unlimited texts?

having no limit of the text messages you can send or receive

How much is the iphone 3g per month wilth internet and unlimited texting?

In the basic monthly service plan starts at $ 59.99 and includes 450 minutes of conversation. Night and weekend minutes 5000. Unlimited data, visual voicemail, 200 SMS text me

Can you still text if you can not call people on the iPhone 4?

It depends on what kind of cell phone plan you have and if you have paid for it. If you have a cell phone plan that is text messaging only, then yes, you can text but not ca

Is the iphone 4 in Walmart unlimited?

No. its limited but they change the prices a lot. it was 188 a week ago and a friend told me its 197 now! hope i helped out! :)

How do you text symbols on the iPhone 4?

There is a button on the left side of the screen that shows ".?123". When you press that button, the keyboard will change to some symbols and numbers. Press that button again