Does the military have Google Earth live?

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yes. in a sense. if the average civilian can zoom in just about anywhere in the world by simply going on google earth, the possibilities are endless for what the military and other higher level organizations can do.
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What version of Google Earth allows you to watch people live?

Google Earth (free version) and Google Earth Pro do NOT allow you to see "live"' photos and imagery of people. Most imagery is greater than 3 years old and new imagery is us

Can you ever get Google Earth live?

No. Google Earth is composed of photos taken by satellites and planes. To get live video from every spot on Earth would, at least with current technology, require more satelli

Is Google earth animal tracking live?

no, it is not live. sorry todisappoint you but it is only what is called the 'highlight of the day' although i am pretty sure one day it will be live.. Kevin huse - youtube (

Can Google earth live see at night?

Google earth live doesn't really see live streaming videos because the satellites that take the images every 1 to three years are constantly orbiting around the world at appro

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

Is Google Earth display live?

While Google Earth imagery is not real-time (on average it is three years old), Google is making some layers such as traffic and weather available near real-time updated on

Can you look into buildings live on Google Earth?

While Google does not provide real-time imagery or street-view photographs, there are some near real-time layers such as weather and traffic. However, there is also a "live

How live is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery that the free version of Google Earth uses. Google's imagery is not real-time (on average it is three years old), but Google is making s

How accurate is Google Earth Live?

From multiple consumer reviews on both sides of the accuracy argument,one can only assume that it may be accurate, but has some glitches as well. The accuracy argument is best

How does Google live earth work?

Google Earth live works on updating constantly from wherever the satellite is currently gathering images from on the Earth. It does this by connecting to the image database an