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Does your period effect your skin complexion?

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Is sure can! Your hormones are usually all over the map just before you start your periods and even during. Usually blemishes can break-out during this time.
You don't have to spend a bundle to get a regiment of good skin care. If you have an oily complexion then buy products like Ponds/Nutrigena/etc. Face foam is great (get it for oily skin, or if you have dry skin.) Never leave your make-up on at night and let those pores breath. Use a non-drying toner on your freshly washed face, and find a cream in one of the products I mentioned that doesn't clog pores.
There are also blemish products out there that will help dry up the blemish(s).
Usually when starting periods many women get a "sweet tooth" so instead of eating too many sweets, eat a small piece of chocolate (suck on it) and it will take the cravings away. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are excellent for good skin complexion and don't forget that water! 8 glasses a day.
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