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Does your social security disability end with marriage?

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Usually for many countries, all calculations for "social cases" - like long term unemployed - are done per household, so if that is what you wanted to know, it may be possible that you would have to recalculate what your income per person, or per household is.
You have to ask the office which gave you the insurance what are the exact regulations and at what rate you have to report the changes, it is possible that it may be required only once a year, or only when the change happens.

As I did not fully understand your question, I will try to answer a different case: In case of physical disability (from medical standpoint) the rules are different, it should only apply per person, but depending on the laws of the country and/or the insurance rules, such a case might be also recalculated and the income of the whole household be taken into consideration.

Three results are still possible: it may be to your advantage or to your disadvantage, or you might not be affected.
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