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look in the easy places first most people will put them in easy places because they think your to smart to look there
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How do you find an Easter egg in an Easter egg hunt?

Follow the clues given, follow directions then look for the eggs. Good places to look are under rocks, in big patches of grass, or anywhere else unusual that an egg might be h

Clues for a Easter hunt for your 13-year-olds?

When you find me you will find yourself. What am I? A mirror I look like paper, but you can't write on me. You look for me when you are running. What am I? A tissue Hope th

What are some Easter egg hunt riddles?

The first place that you need to look, a place that bubbles like a brook. You can turn it on and off it has a spout. You can get a drink when you are out. (faucet or hose) Th

How did Easter egg hunting originate?

It is not exactly certain how Easter egg hunting originated. In Northern Europe the egg was symbol of fertility and the rabbit was an animal that represented rebirth. The Godd

Where did the Easter egg hunt originate?

Everywhere they hunt the many-colored Easter eggs, brought by the Easter rabbit. This is not mere child's play, but the vestige of a fertility rite, the eggs and the rabbit bo

Where are the eggs in the Easter egg hunt on animal Jam?

there is one by the river in temple of zios, one in coral canyons by the flag, one near the flag in sarepia forest, one by the shack in crystal cove, one in appondale by the t

Is an Easter egg hunt considered pagan?

Well the Pagans considered the egg (and the hare) a symbol of fertility (the earths fertility as the plants and seeds began growing in spring). So you decide if you believe hu