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look in the easy places first most people will put them in easy places because they think your to smart to look there
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Why did Easter egg hunts begin?

They started because a king lost his egg on Easter day and he had to hunt for it.     ____________________________   Yeah, that's right... the KING lost hi

Any ideas for easter egg hunt clues?

if its for young children like 3-6 yr olds then put them in obvious places (if the kids are 5-6 then make it a little harder7-10yr olds = Harder13+ = HARDER TO FIND PLACES - S

How do you make an Easter egg hunt?

get a bunch of eggs and paint them, or get plastic ones that open and put like candy or money in 'em, and hide them around the yard or whatever, then have whoever is playing g

Why do you do a Easter egg hunt on Easter?

There is no meaningful message or metaphor for doing an Easter egg hunt on Easter. It is simply a Western idea that rakes in the money for supermarkets, and provides some fun

What are clues for an adult Easter egg hunt?

This will depend on where you are hiding the eggs. Fun ideas for clues would be having them rhyme or creating a scavenger hunt where one clue leads to the next. This chick i

How did Easter egg hunting originate?

It is not exactly certain how Easter egg hunting originated. In Northern Europe the egg was symbol of fertility and the rabbit was an animal that represented rebirth. The Godd