Edward and Jacob should date?

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Yes, but not each other.

Do you prefer Jacob or Edward?

edwardd! because Jacob told her dad on her about the motorcycles..plus he is way younger than Bella.. but you are right it is a matter of opinion That is a complete matte

Should Bella Swan pick Edward or Jacob?

Bella Swan has no choice in the matter. She is "completely and irrevoquably" in love with Edward Cullen. Those words tell us she cannot love Jacob the way she loves Edward. Ir

What is team Edward and Jacob?

From the popular Twilight Saga of books and movies, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are the two love interests for the main character, Bella Swan. In merchandising and fan-

Does Jacob and edward form a alliance?

They do in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. In Eclipse there is a war between new born vampires and vampires and werewolves. In order to defeat the new born vampires the other vampi
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Which is better edward or Jacob or James?

Team Edward because he truly cares for Bella, in New Moon, he leaves her only because he thought he'd be protecting her, even after he and his family left, he still loved her.
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Should Bella choose Jacob or Edward?

because all her life had been so boring never good at anything but ever since she met edward she wanted to be a vampire because she would/is good at it, she was born to be a v