Effect of moisture on thermostatic expansion valve?

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None, a TXV operates by it's sensing bulb sensing superheat of the suction line as it exits the evaporator coil.
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How do you change expansion valve?

You will have to remove the evaporator from underneath the dash on the passenger side. If you have the right side tools it is not a difficult job. This will require you to fi

What is thermostatic effects?

The thermostatic effects of water are the properties that act to moderate changes in temperature, which in turn affect Earth's climate. For example, the huge amount of heat en

What is the expansion valve?

it is the part in an ac systems that restrics the flow of freon, making it get cold. always just before the evaporator Its more of a nozzle that converts the freon into gas.

Why is there Moisture in the valve cover?

When the engine starts it is cold, as it warms up it builds heat which causes condensation to form. Since heat rises so does the condensation as it tries to excape through the
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How do you install a thermostatic expansion valve on a air condition.?

it all depends on the system, and the load requirements of the system,,, they have to be perfectly matched. and it just goes on the liquid line(coming from the condenser) r