Estoy tan cansado maldita?

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means you are tired
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How do you get a tan?

You sit in the sun for about 2-3-4 hours. No! Do not sit in the sun for that long. You could get dehydrated and get sun poisioning! Use tanning lotion is the way i find most easiest OR go to a tanning bed. Agreed, don't sit in the sun for that long- though is there even such a thing as sun (MORE)

How can you get a tan?

Whether tanning indoors or outdoors, it is important to be safe. You should NEVER overexpose yourself. It is the OVEREXPOSURE that can cause skin damage, not the exposure itself. If you are going to tan indoors, be sure to tan no more than every other day. Going every day can increase your chances o (MORE)

How do you get tan?

There are many ways that you can get tan. One of the most popular is the sun. It is free, and it is nice to bask in the sun. The sun may be free, but too much exposure can cause skin cancer and will be costly to you later on. A different way to get tan is to go to a store and buy a tanning lotion. (MORE)

How do you tan?

You can either go to a tanning bed, get a spray tan, or lay out in sun and tan. All except for spray tans can lead to severely increased chances of skin cancer, however.

Why do you tan?

Some people tan to feel beautiful, to not look so extremely white compared to many people who aren't nearly as white. Others tan to get rid of acne

What does estoy mean?

The conjugation "estoy" is the first person present tense of "estar" ( to be ). It means "I am..."

How can you get tan?

Being outside in the sun is helpful. Even if you don't have time to lay out just being outside does a fair bit. Revealing clothing helps make it even throughout your body, a bathing suit would be good or if you have a private place, completely naked is best. Depending on your skin type it can be har (MORE)

How do you get the tan?

You can get a tan in a few ways. The most popular way to get a tanis to lay out in the sun. Some other ways to get a tan is, using atanning bed, a tanning lotion, or tanning spray.

Yo estoy bien?

"I'm good" or "I'm fine", or anything similar to that. It's said when someone asks you how you are or how you're feeling. Please note that in Spanish you normally don't use personal pronouns, like "Yo". A more common phrasing would be "Estoy bien".

What does tans do to you?

Tans darken your skin and give you vitamin e, if you are suggesting to the sun. But if you are talking about artificial tans, then they wrinkle your skin, when you grow older.

What is estoy in Spanish?

Estoy means I feel, or I am. An examples is: "Estoy contento", which means "I am happy" or "I feel happy"

Estoy bien enfogonada contigo porque you cojistes chavos de mi cartera cuando yo estaba durmiendo y tu sabes que lo hicistes y yo tan buena contigo Luis e so no se hace yo soy tu mama solamente una ve?

Chavos means money, spanish people from the Caribbean use this word alot Haha I think I got this wrong since my spanish is not very good but I tried! Doesn't make much sense especially the end so i guess I got it wrong: I'm really pissed off with you because you took (something) from my wall (MORE)

Why do you get tanned?

People get tanned because when the sun is beaming on you for a long time your skin gets burned but not to extreme measures then after awhile it peels :D

Who is Tu Maldita Abuela?

They are cussing about your grandmother....."tu" means you or in this case "your" and "abuela" means grandmother...fill in the blank for "maldita" haha

What does no se mucho cansado mean in English?

That sentence has very bad grammar, I think it was meant to say "yo no soy muy cansado". In that case, it would mean, "I am not very tired", but the grammar is so bad that it is hard to tell.

What does 'Estoy prendida' translate to in English?

Saying "Estoy prendida(o)" in Spanish can have a slightly differentmeaning depending on where you are. For example in Mexico, thisphrase is used as "I am excited/pumped up/full of energy." InColumbia the phrase may translate more as "I am really mad/drunk."This is why I recommend that anyone learnin (MORE)

Why are you tan?

You are most likely, naturally dark, and it's in the pigmentation in your skin, that causes you to absorb the sun.

Is cansado soy or estoy?

ESTOY consado (a temporary feeling, such as being sick, or in this case, tired. Soy would be permanent, like the description of youself or your job, etc. You can't always be tired...)

What does Estoy parkiando mean?

It means "I'm parking". "Parkiando" is Spanglish, though. The correct way to say it in Spanish would be "estoy estacionando".

What does Estoy no bueno mean in English?

"Estoy no bueno" is improper structure. Probably should be "No estoy bueno" It means "I am not well" ("I am sick") No soy bueno = I am not good. (I am not a good person)

What are the lyrics to ''Porque'' by Maldita?

Porque chords by Maldita Maldita by Porque "Currently working on the intro" Standard tuning but on the 2nd capo VERSE 1: D G Tulala lang sa'king kwarto Em A At nagmu-muni-muni D G Ang tanong sa'king sarili Em A Sa'n ako nagkamali Refrain: Bm A G Bakit sa'yo pa nagkagusto Em F#m G Para (MORE)

What does lo estoy mean?

That means "I am [that]". It is used in reply to a question. For example, if asked whether you are tired, or hungry, that might be your reply.

What does algo cansado mean?

It literally means 'some tired.' In regular conversation, you would say 'somewhat tired,' or 'a little tired.'

Where was the band Maldita Vecindad formed?

One of the most famous rock bands in Mexico, Maldita Vecindad formed in 1985. Although they have not had a formal release since 1998, the band continues to tour and collaborate with other musicians.

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