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Explain three major effects of technology on everyday living?

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Computers, increased pace of living, and replacement of human services are three major effects of technology on everyday living.
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Explain how the three major groups of rocks are formed?

Sedimentary:- Sedimentary rock is formed by the compression of numerous minerals and rocks  Igneous:- Formed by the cooling of magma  Metamorphic:- Made by great heat and pr

How does new technologies helps everyday living?

  Technology is the set of things the humanity (or a portion of it) can do to modify the way things are going naturally. They are so supposed to help us in our living. 

Explain how science and technology affects your daily lives?

Science and technology are almost in every part in our life.There are cars,trains,planes everywhere,it is easy to travel from one country to another in a very short time.Also

Explain the problems militating against the effective practice of educational technology in Nigeria?

One major problem in Nigeria is overcrowding in the cities. Schools are overcrowded as well, and it becomes harder to add technology into the classroom when it is hard enough

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-- Whenever I am moving and wish to change the direction in which I am moving, I must find a centripetal force with which to negotiate the curve. Examples include turning

What technology affects everyday life?

There are many different types of technology that combine to allow most citizens of developed countries to live the lives they have. For example, the development and maintenan