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Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman is the author of numerous children's and young adult books. These include the popular titles No More Dead Dogs and Schooled.
A hippie kid who had to go to Claverage School(aka c average) when Rain fell from a plum tree and broked her hip. Capricorn Anderson is forced being 8th grade president.
He likes to write books for young teens and adult
"I was thirteen the first time I saw a police officer up close. He was arresting for driving without a license was. I wasn't too clear on what being arrested meant either" (Chapter One, p. 1)."Rain always said that anger upsets the balance inside a person. So when you yell at somebody, you're...
Swindle by Gordon Korman has 256 pages.
the main characters are:--Vince Luca----Kendra Bightly----Alex Tarkanian--*there are several other characters, but these are the most important.*
Yes, he's a great author.
Yes, Gordon Korman write the book Kidnapped.
He Uses his Feelings as their personalities.
the external is that wallace wants to be professional i n football
The character doesn't seem to learn a lesson. Maybe that honesty  isn't the best policy?
Yes, Gordon Korman was born in Montreal Quebec
a football book with exiting adventures
hisself inspired he thought about is
He went to New York University for collage
Vince Luca falls in love with the daughter (Kendra Bightly) of the FBI agent who is trying to arrest Anthony Luca (Vince's Dad)
characters of schooled are Cap Anderson, Rain,Zach Powers,Mrs.Donnelly
The main charecters in the book Swindle are griffin Bing and S.  Wendell Palomino
 Hugh Has Divided The School Into Groups That Are In Claverage 
Well, one internal conflict would be when Capricorn is deciding whether he should listen to Rain, or go to the Halloween dance.
1st but in 4 or 5 standpoints, Wallace Rachel Dylan Trudi and Mr. Fogelman
i dont know go read it yourself please.....(:
Dylan Turner is the brother of Rachel Turner.
This is a book about a boy named Griffin who goes inside an abandoned house with his best friend Ben as a protest toward building a skate park. Griffin finds a rare baseball card, and brings it to a local dealer (S. Wendall, nicknamed "Swindle") and Griffin is told it is a fake and buys it for $50....
Caring - he helped Sophie...patient - he can do Tai Chipatient- he does not get angry when kids at C Average "pushed his buttons". intelligent - Rain teaches him many thingshonestbrave - he had was brave enough to leave his grandma
Here is one Trait of Cap: he is a character in the book.. Hahaha!
I'm seeing a lot of questions here about the book No More Dead Dogs. If they're all from you, I don't mean to be rude, but you need to just read the book.
    Rachel Turner and Wallace Wallace.     Rachel Turner and Wallace Wallace.
Can Griffin's that live in Bing and his pull this one off? They are planning a zoo break! This book is fast paced and enjoyable
he gets them from when he goes around the city and hears things
They are human breaking animals out of the zoo. Hence the title "Zoobreak"
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Mysteries and children's books
he wants to sell the card and he sold it and then he wants it back
He first gave birth to a baby named Susy and then killed her!!
Gordon Korman wrote a large number of books. The 39 clues series, Swindle, Zoobreak, Chasing The Falconers, The Fugitive Factor, Now You See Them, Now You Don't, The Stowaway Solution, Public Enimies, Hunting The Hunter, The Abduction, The Search, The Rescue, This Can't Be Happening, Go Jump in the...
not yet. but keep looking! (yeesh am i the only smart one in this universe?)
1990 Losing Joe's Place 1993 The Toilet Paper Tigers1993 The Chicken Doesn't Skate2001 Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle2003 No More Dead Dogs
no its a stupid book about a kid who killed a kid and wanted to get away
when cap gets to c his grandmother again LOL
Action and Adventure books for kids
Griffin is framed by a pack rat that steals a super bowl ring from the school and the blame is on griffin.
Dylan thought the play was cutting into Wallace Wallace's football season. On the day of the play, Wallace told his first lie to protect Rachel. Rachel and Wallace find their love with each other and decide to go out. Trudi ends up going out with Steve. Wallace and Steve become friends together at...
The Setting For The Book Framed is at the school where the ring was stolen
Yes Gordon Korman have hobbies. Biking and Writing.
A pappillon named ryder
He thinks about what while happen next. He thinks about the character's and what they look like.
What is the theme in the book "pop" (question mark) When did the "pop" take place (question mark) Where did the "pop" take place (question mark)
It is a series of 3 books about a family whose parents were mistaken for terrorist helpers. While there parents were in prison, the kids are on the run. Eventually they are all reunited. Then the younger sister gets kidnapped and they search for her. A blogger helps the family and is in contact with...
rachel turner is the president of the drama club
Pop is a book about a guy named Marcus who moved to this new town. He really likes football, so he gets in touch with the school's football team. While he is trying to make it; he was practicing in a park called; Three Alarm Park. He meets this man named Charlie who has been giving him free...
it is a ferret that is named by ben in the book
The protagonist in No More Dead Dogs is Wallace Wallace. He is considered a hero and always tells the truth.
no people just think he dead because the last time everybody sees him is getting taken away in an ambulence and Cap never went back to school
Charlie has Alzheimer's and can do very scarring stuff so when Marcus finds that out, he is shocked that he also used to be a famous football player. So when Marcus is at his football game and sees Charlie on the edge of the bleachers he runs up and tries to save him. Marcus shields his eyes while...
it is very good it makes megs parents terrorists and there not but these people make it look like it and then they kidnap their daughter meg.
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"I was thirteen the first time I saw a police officer up close. He was arresting for driving without a license was. I wasn't too clear on what being arrested meant either" (Chapter One, p. 1)."Rain always said that anger upsets the balance inside a person. So when you yell at somebody, you're...
The main turning point in Schooled is when Cap (Capricorn) percieved the incident of a heart attack when riding home from school on the school bus. On the way home, the bus driver experienced a fatal heart attack and the bus was set loose. Therfore, Cap went and grasped control of the Bus thanks to...
The conclusion of the book is that when Rain recovers in the  hospital and decides to go back to Garland and picks up Cap, he  feels happy and sad for leaving and going back to Garland. A few  days later, he rides the pickup truck along Garland Property, but  the police arrest him not because he...
Wallace Wallace the foot ball player, Rachel Turner president of drama club, Trudi Davis who is Rachel Turners best friend, and Mr. Fogelman their teacher and director of the play old shep my pal
Capricorn Anderson - long blonde hair, wears hippy clothes, Sophie Donnelly - Snotty teenaged girl, Ms. Flora Donnelly - Sophie's mom, caring and loving, Zach Powers - A 'cute' guy, popular, captain of the football team.
Mr. Kasigi gives Cap the checks to use to buy things for the  Halloween Dance
Find it yourself you lazy kid
one of the things Rain tells cap is "when people are mad at you they are only mad at themselves". and thats all i can remember right now
Only the captain, i think..
Marcus and Charlie are the main characters.
griffin wants to save his house from people trying to sell it