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Light Bulbs and Artificial Lighting

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Artificial lighting has become standard in the homes and companies of most countries. It is used for concert effects, growing food, and reading a book in bed at night.
Yes it does last longer. It is more expensive though in the end it save money because it uses less energy.
by the time of Edison's 1879 lamp invention, gas lighting was a  mature, well-established industry.
Yes because the more watts a light bulb means it lets out stronger  light, but with more light it creates more heat, so the more watts  in a light bulb = more heat and stronger light
Modern light bulb filaments are usually Tungsten not Carbon.  However early bulbs used things like silk coated with Carbon.  Filament means thin thread. The bulbs are filled with inert gas  like Argon to stop the filament from burning up with oxygen. Arc  lamps use Carbon rods though.
In 1802, Humphry Davy invented the first electric light. He'dexperimented with electricity and developed an electric battery.When he connected wires to his battery and a piece of carbon, thecarbon glowed, producing light. This he named Electric Arc lamp.Sadly the lamp did not produce enough lumens...
Before 1879. 1879 was when it was invented
you can make a light bulb by holding alt + 20.
Energy-saving lamps, such as normal and compact fluorescents, use more of the energy they consume to produce light rather than heat. An incandescent light converts electricity to heat and light is simply a by-product of the heat. Fluorescent bulbs still have incandescent filaments, but they are...
No, the bulbs are wired in parallel and the bad bulb could only  affect others if it were short circuited, which occurs very rarely.
On 9 December 1868,[8] the first, non-electric, gas-lit trafficlights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London tocontrol the traffic in Bridge Street, Great George Street andParliament Street. They were proposed by the railway engineer J. P.Knight of Nottingham, who had adapted this...
In cfl's their is small amount of mercury. Which is dangerous to  inhale.
Glass is the insulator in a light bulb. The base has a heavy pieceof glass to separate the ring from the center, and there is a glasssupport inside the bulb to hold up the filament and separate thewires going to the filament.
light bulbs technically heat up a filament and if heated to a  certain degree it will produce light because of the excess in  energy it has
For safety a circuit should not be operated at over 80 percent of  capacity. In this case that would be 12 amps. At 120 vac that would  allow about 1450 watts. So although a 15 amp breaker could  theoretically power 18 100 watt lamps, in practice you should limit  the number to 14 or fewer. I...
comparing to the traditional light bulbs energy efficient  fluorescent light bulbs uses 25% to 75% energy and saves money also  and it lasts up to 3 to 25 times long so there is no need to  replace energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs often.
Incandescente light bulbs waste quite a bit more energy than most alternatives.     
other kinds of bulbs are incandescent,fluorescent,high-intensity  discharge,LED
Argon is an inert gas that will not support burning when the bulbs filament becomes white hot because of the current running through it. When a light bulb consists of tungsten, when electricity is passed through it, tungsten offers a very high resistance and it becomes hot and produces white light....
The lights are independent of each other so if both (or 3 if you  have a center one) are out then it is likely the brake switch or  it's wiring. Check the connections to the switch as well.
Total resistance decreases:1/R(total) = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3Assuming each lightbulb has the same resistance: R1 = R2 = R31/R(total) = 1/R = 1/R + 1/R = 3/RR(total) = R/3Before the bulb was added:1/R(total) = 1/R + 1/R = 2/RR(total) = R/2R/3 < R/2
You would bleed from the glass. and you would have hot lips  afterwards.
Modern CFL and led bulbs will not be appreciably effected by the  number of on-off cycles. Older tubular florescent lamps have a  filament for start up, and lifespan can be reduced by number of  cycles. If operated outside rated environmental temperatures,  however, some lamps can be stressed by...
Compact fluorescents, like their tubular fluorescent precursors,  contain a small amount of mercury-typically around five milligrams.  Mercury is essential to a fluorescent bulb's ability to emit light;  no other element has proved as efficient.    As effective as it is at enabling white...
some very old tvs use small incandescent bulbs to light up power or  button indicators, but most only contain the picture tube, which is  technically a more advance type of light bulb. I wouldnt mess with  it though, as it operates at very high voltage and can store the  charge for years.
The watt was named after James Watt. The term watt in electric  appliances refers the rate at which energy is generated or consumed  and therefore is measured in units (e.g. watts) that represent  energy per unit time. An example; when a light bulb with a power  rating of 100W is turned on for...
it depends up on the usage of the bulbs
Use a phone app like light meter which uses the camera to give a  luminosity level.
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He created his inventions in his conservatory at his house in Kells Lane North, Low Fell.
It is difficult to know, however you would certainly be safe to add  the wattages of smaller bulbs to equal the bulb that was originally  there. There are now led bulbs that consume less than 1 watt, 3 and  7 watt chandelier bulbs are quite common.
Bulbs with filament would produce larger amount of heat compared to  fluorescent lamps
They enable us to do things at night.
LED light bulbs are energy efficient, environment friendly, and provide huge electricity savings.
Fluorescent lamps (both the "compact" variety and the long tubes) are filled with inert gas (argon, xenon, neon or krypton) and mercury vapor, under low pressure (less than 1% of atmospheric pressure)Neon. and lead
pop off the lens and remove bulb
Yes,using 130 volt bulbs is a better thing that 120 volt. 130 volt  bulbs can take the power better than the lower voltage and will  last longer .
depends on the bulb, need more info
No, Argon is the gas which protects us from direct sun-rays.
If we use energy saving light bulbs then energy will be saved and thus help the conservation of energy sources used to generate electricity like coal, petroleum, etc. For more information, please see the answers to the Related Questions shown below.
Unless the chandelier is a true "antique" fixture, it will be difficult to sell it. Antique stores will certainly look at it if it's old, but the best bet may be a swap meet or yard/garage sale. Anything of value may be posted on eBay or on craigslist, and a buyer may be found. Many second hand and...
It is usually the other way round, fluorescent bulbs give more light per watt of electrical input. An incandescent bulb will get hot enough to burn you and a fluorescent tube will just be warm.
  Depends on your town/citys rules on what and what cant be reycyled you can probley look it up.
No, they just use less energy for the same brightness
Answer . well, nothing. the electricity is just sitting there in the filament holder of the bulb going nowhere, no current no light. no cost either for that matter...
Fluorescent don't like the cold, they are slow to come on. I thinkthey have come up with some for outdoor use but a refrigerator bulbis so small I don't think I would bother. Additionally, the lifetime of a CFL bulb is diminished each timethe bulb is turned on, much more so than an incandescent bulb...
Assuming 120 VAC service, a 60 Watt incandescent bulb draws about .5 amps. You want to only be at 80% capacity for your 15A circuit or 12 A. Hence, the answer would be 24. However, if it is likely that someone might put in a larger wattage bulb at some point you would have to account for that.
9 zillions trillions of volts........
k or kw stands for kilowatts - the amount of kilowatts the bulb burns to light up the filament.
  Actually it may last longer !!! This is due to the fact that less heat is made with one bulb.
Because of the creation of the light bulb you could Illuminate a room without dangerous candles Turn the lights on and off quickly It can burn for 40 hours You won't have to replace a lightbulb as often as you replace candles
There is no reason to use magnesium in light bulbs. Magnesium readily and easily catches fire and burns -- white hot.
  A tungsten filament, usually coiled. 
If the three light bulbs are in parallel across the battery, then the full 9 volts appears across each light bulb. If the three light bulbs are in series across the battery, then the voltage divides among them as follows: Across the 10-ohm: 9 x (10/60) = 1.5 volts Across the 20-ohm:...
Anything that excites the gas in a fluorescent will make it light.  Static electricity from the carpet will cause compact fluorescent  to light.
Because they use much less current for the same amount of light. You would for instance replace a 100W indandescent bulb by approx a 20W CFL, reducing the energy consumption by 80%
In October 1879 Thomas Edison managed to make a light bulb that burned for 13.5 hours. Later he made one that lasted over 100 hours, and finally one that would burn for more than 1200 hours. He got a patent for this in 1880.
In a clockwise direction, until you cant screw anymore. (caution) if you screw it in too much it might brake
Why yes, yes they are. ;D
silica lime coal and salt
At present there are several types of light bulbs available for indoor domestic use. Arranged by their efficiency from least-to-most they are: Incandescent bulbs (60 watts) The old style light bulb emitting light from a hot filament Fluorescent tubes (30 to 40 watts) Several inch to...
  == Answer ==     You have to remove the entire headlamp assembly from the vehicle to access the headlamp bulb. Not too difficult, just 3 or 4 screws I think. Everything is pinned, or keyed, so you don't have to readjust the assembly after replacing the bulb & attaching the headlamp.
how do I replace interior light bulbs in 2002 chevy impala. I removed the cover, but the bulb is cramped in and I can't pull it out.
The brightness of the lights may or may not change depending on the circuit in which they are wired.In a series circuit, all the bulbs (called lamps) will experience the same current flow. The same amount of current will be flowing through each one, and each one will be dropping some amount of...
Using natural lighting over electricity can save hundreds a year, and considerably reduce your monthly bill.
Visible and infra red parts of the EM spectrum
Yes, because incandescent bulbs uses a resistive element which glows up to give out light. The force which opposes the flow of current through the filament wire causes more heat to be produced by the bulb. In the fluorescent bulb, noble gases are used and because these do not react to any force,...
the path is taken if you get 2 whyers 1 battery and 1 lightbulb.
the bulbs store a lot of energy inside itself before passing the filament and when they unscrewed it, it would stay on for quite a while
LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and environment friendly. It will help you get a lot of savings since its lifetime is a couple of times longer than the incandescent bulbs.
No light bulbs actually save energy, they use it to produce light. However energy efficient bulbs use less energy than the ordinary incandescent type. To my mind describing them as energy saving is wrong, they should be described as "lower energy" bulbs.
Yes, very very hot except for LED lighting.
yes but they will each be less bright then if there was only one  light bulb in the circuit   Answer     It depends on their power ratings. If they are different, then the  lamp with the lower power rating will be the brighter. The reason  for this is that lower power lamps have a...
Although a light bulb could be expected to be a perfectly normal Ohmic resistor, lab experiments can be done to compare plain resistors vs light bulbs regarding conformance to Ohm's law. The data do not show the amps to be perfectly linear relationship with the voltage, meaning that they don't...
A light bulb is much like a fuse. The element in it can only take so much current before it burns through.
Joseph Swann and Thomas Edison invented it independently. The first lightbulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. During his life-time, Edison developed 1093 inventions. Two of his inventions are the motion picture camera and the phonograph!
They don't. Carbon dioxide is given off by coal power plants, which provide somewhere between 40-60% of the worlds energy. You could argue from here that using a light bulb (or using energy in general) causes the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but the facts remain that light bulbs...
The quantity of power consumed by a light bulb is dependant on the wattage of the bulb.
Most probably it's either a random coincidence or you have something going on with your wiring - like a brown-out.
Without light bulbs, we would still be using gas or oil lamps. Without those lamps, we would be in darkness for half the day.
Most cars use 12v electrical systems, with 6v normally only used for smaller motorcycles. However, older vehicles can use more variable system voltages. Due to this rarity, LED bulbs in car fittings designed for 6 volt systems are very rare, although traditional filament bulbs are more common.
  Buldged or Bulk Reflector
Produce light efficiently (i.e. with little energy wasted as heat).
Fluorescent lights help the environment by conserving energy and being more efficient. Traditional bulbs produce about 15 lumens per watt, while fluorescent bulbs produce between 50 to 100 lumens per watt. This makes fluorescents bulbs five or six times more efficient than traditional bulbs. Also,...
There are two different technologies, fluorescent, and LEDs. Fluorescent light bulbs are more common; LEDs are still too expensive for mainstream use.+++LED lamps' prices are now very competitive, certainly where I live, and make up for the unit price difference in reduced electricity consumption...
=== ANSWER: ===   Cavemen used fires to illuminate their night. Indians used torches in caves. Ancient Egyptians used mirrors to illuminate the interior of their pyramids. God said "Let there be light", so I think God wins this answer.
Oxygen in the bulb would cause the hot metal elements to oxidized and burn out. Mr. Edison had a large problem with this until he removed the air from his bulb. Most incandescent bulbs today do not have a vacuum but instead are filled with an inert gas. MORE DETAILS: Modern light bulbs don't...
Yes, you can buy light bulbs.
yes because they didn't have to light candles anymore
One place that was delighted to have the electric light was businesses -- now people could work late without worrying about the dangers of candle-power. Candles were tipped over and caused fires, in other words. Theaters also began using electric light bulbs -- perhaps the first was the Bijou...
  Computer screens don't use light bulbs. Power consumption of the system may be similar, though. In watts, an LCD would be about 15-20. 110 volts divided by 2.5 amps would 44 watts for a CRT.