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Paul Langan

Paul Langan is the author of some of the Bluford High series. He writes realistic, raw stories of high school students.
the character are lionel, donrel, kendra, lionel dad, and that's all the charcters i know but their are still more
The race of Paul Langan is the race for a cure
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Born in Philadelphia in 1972, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his mother to southern New Jersey. There he attended public schools and later worked a variety of jobs-including salesperson at a shoe store, attendant at a horse ranch, landscaper at a mental hospital...
darrell won't get bullied anymore by tyray for a while because darrell broke tyrays arm so tyray is not going to be in school for a long time
He lives somewhere where no one can go
darcy wills is desperate. a painful secret is ruining her closest friendships at bluford high school. and an even deeper lie is tearing her family apart. unwilling to lose the people she loves, darcy must confront her past and the truth. what she discovers will change her world forever. ....
the main purpose of this book was to inform readers how if a loved one in your family dies how it can affect you. also it gives an example of how your life can change just because of that one incident.
he traveled to kenya alot in college and he was a prison tutor.. I learned that from his website.
Long Shot For Paul the book about how Darell Macrer enters a new school called Blue Ford Middle School he is very scared but also he is very short and think he will be pushed around and be bullied in school. After that he tries out for the football team and all he is doing is getting trampled and he...
She is Darrell and Tyray crush
Paul. Paul. Paul Langan is a great author...... He writes good books.
. I found a quote from the first chapter that I think relates tosomething that happened to me "it isn't fair, why of all days doesit have to be today" Darrell said. Darrell was leaving to go toCalifornia because his mom needed a job that will pay her good andher uncle offered her one in California....
The plot of this story is to show that Darrell was smart to fight back but now he has to pay for what he did.
The main characters in the book The Fallen are Martin Luna, Mr.Gates, Ms. Luna, Vicky, Frankie & his homeboys.
does Paul Langan have kids
The exposition is Darrel (main charictor) mover to California because his mother got a job from the help of Darrel's Uncle Jason. He had to leave his best friend Malik.
he broke it in the bully and darrel mercer threw him onto the ground in the cafeteria
222 harison st california
Sadly, Paul Langan's "BROTHERS IN ARMS" & "THE FALLEN" did not have a final conclusion .
Yes && Her Name Is Judith Nadell.
martin luna,mrs.luna{mom},vicky,huero,frankie{other homeboys},and hector
why would u want to know anyways just read the book and read your context clues its helped me way better
The genre for the Fallen by Paul Langan is realistic fiction (realistic fiction is where the story has characters a plot a mood theme and stuff like that
darcy did not have sex with everyone read the story
The theme is to not keep secrets to yourself....you should shared your thoughts and secrets to at least your parents and friends. :)
Mr.Mitchell help Darrell face his fear of Tyray by giving him the book hatchet
Tyray Hobbs, Darrell marcher, MS. Spencer and mr. Mitchell
martin luna brother is shot and killed and they try to get revengeon who ever did it and later discovered who did it and the bulletwasnt ment for huero it was ment for frankie.
he traveled to Kenya alot in college.
Tyray Hobbs, Darrell Mercer, Warren Hobbs, Lark
Darcy's mom and dad are keeping a secret from their kids. The confict is solved when they tell thier kids thier mother is pregnant.
Darrell, the main character, has just moved to a new city. At his new school, he runs into problems being bullied by a classmate.
its a book that talks about this teenage girl and her life is full of problems its a really good book you should read it
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When Tyray went to the Muscleman Gym he was set up by the kid who "has" the gun and replaced Bones while he went to the hospital. Then a couple of kids ambushed him and took his money after he was beat. then he went to the bathroom and pooped on ur face hahahahaha
The theme of the story is that kids really do get bullied at home and at school and it needs to stop before bad things happen.
Martin Luna shoots other beaners in a driveby shooting then avenges his brother's death by beating up the black kid with a pipe till his brains fall out then he celebrates with a 40 oz. bottle and gets that hot blonde Vicki girl to suck his dick for FREEE
Paul Langan has written: 'The Bully (Bluford Series, Number 5)' 'Someone To Love Me (#4) (Bluford)' 'The bully' 'Payback' -- subject(s): Respect, Juvenile fiction, African Americans, High school students, Fiction 'Bully (#5) (Bluford)' 'Summer of Secrets (Bluford Series, Number 10)'
It was about a girl named Darcy. She has sex with every person she sees. SO BE CAREFUL.
The plot is that the main character Darrell has to move and make new friends, when he already is not that popular.
Please do not change until christmas.
the setting in the gun are bluford high school, tyary house and the basketball court.
Martin Prevents Frankie from killing him and sent him to jail. After the incident they go to the super indent ant to verify if he is going to move schools and Martin ends up having a second chance at Bluford high school.
Darcy Wills. Brisana. Tarah. Jamee. Brian. Haley. Dr. Styles. Cooper. Desmond. Troy.
read the book and find out smart one
nothing just had a dream of writing books
he wanted to let kids know that they shouldn't bully other kids cause you might not know whats gong on inside of a person head.
There are many conflict in the story , "The Fallen." One of them is that since Martin decided to exclude himself out of the crew that Frankie created, Frankie have been hunting him down to do serious injuries to him. He already busted him in the head once and had to go to the hospital. The doctor...
Martin Luna is in deep trouble. Just months ago, a horrible tragedy took his little brother, and now it threatens to take him too. On one side are his desperate mother, a friendly teacher at Bluford High School, and a pretty girl named Vicky. On the other are his old neighborhood and his hunger for...
"The Mosquito Coast" is a novel by Paul Theroux. The conflicts inthis novel have to do with escaping the mosquito infestation.
the climax is when you go to pikachuizbad at youtube .com it tell you every thing about the book
darrel,amberlyn,tyran,harlod,mr.mitchelle,uncel Jason and darrel's mother
He is a boy he is very maen to all of the kifds at school who always geys into trouble.The boy is mean to other kids because he mighjt have problem like medical issues ,problems at home , or just acts bad to be bad . I think he needs a counciler . Someone to talk to.
He was born January 26, 1972.
I'm not positive if you can find this book on these sites but the ones i usually go to are: Spark notes Book rags good luck