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Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is a children's book author. She is best known for her works Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux.
I guess you could say the king and queen of the castle, or the vegetable guy and the chef
yes she Kate DiCamillo she loves to play with her dog and likes to read childen books to her self..
In the Tale of Despereaux, there are 52 chapters, 219 pages, and it takes approx. 3.5 hours by audio book.
Kate writes Fantasy along with Non-Fiction
Kate DiCamillo, the American children's author, received an English degree at the University of Floria in 1987, which would have made her 23 years of age at that time.
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Kate dicamillo worked in a book warehouse before metting a man at the store from candle wick press and telling him that she han written a bokk called winn-dixie and wanted to publish it.. Kate dicamillo worked in a book warehouse before metting a man at the store from candle wick press and telling...
The first five years of her live she had chronic pneumonia
Kate DiCamillo was born on March 25, 1964.
the magian's elephant
i think it was around 2003 it came out before my sister was born.
Kate DiCamillo is 53 years old (birthdate: March 25, 1964).
The information being detiled and the story line.
Kate DiCamillo's birth name is Katrina Elizabeth DiCamillo.
the tale of despereaux was published on 2009 no 2003
She talked to a sales prep. the sales prep liked her book. sales prep talked to an editor. editor liked it. editor published.
Yes! Kate DiCamillo is still alive today. Alive, yes. But doing well . . . sort of. Old age, indeed. Read all of her books before she passes away! Wonderful, rich writing. But don't try to write a letter to her, because she's been known to never respond.
She likes to write books because she says that it's is an entertainment to the people that reads her books
YES! Sistine is a character in the book "The Tiger Rising."
she is loud, single, hates cooking and has no husband
Not enough and she has no baby pictures which would have been priceless!
Kate's first book, Shadow of the Dragon: Kira, won the 1066Schools' Book Award.
she didnt go to a middle school back then the schools were elementary and high school and im sorry if you think im aditudey but i am doing a biography on her at school right know and i know ~Boodlebug13~
Kate DiCamillo was born on March 25, 1964.
Her full name is, Katerina [Kate] Elizabeth DiCamillo
she hase one brother named Curt DiCamillo
who is kate dicamillos parents
Probaly in the Medieval Times, cause there is the Dunegon Castle King Queen Princess and all those stuff! Its a pretty good book and I was looking forward to watching the movie in theatres.
The first book written by Kate Dicamillo was Mercy Watson.
No, she has an older brother. Curt Dicamillo
Yes. Her mother was a teacher and her father owned an orthodontic practice.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The climax of the tale of despereaux is when Despereaux saves the princess from being killed by Roscuro. But then Despereaux threatens to kill Roscuro using his needle but then doesn't because Pea promises to make everybody live.
She Has one Brother nams curt DiCamillo
It is about being kind and nice to each of the people around you
She isn't married... that's the best I can do.
no she is a single mom that is an aunt to three kids
There are four main characters in the tale of Despereaux: -Despereaux because his bravery saves the princess -Princess Pea because she was the catalyst that sent Despereaux tothe dungeon saving both the princess and the kingdom -Miggery Sow because she was the one who kidnapped Princess Pea ...
Kate DiCamillo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United states.
Kate DiCamillo has an older brother named Curt DiCamillo. He is a reputable architectural historian.
i dont know that is why i came to answers .com but they dont know anything what kind of website is this?
Katrina Carol DiCamillo (Kate DiCamillo) does not have any children, nor a husband.
She has won three awards for her books.
She went to the University of Florida.
You can be an author if you truly want to, and you set your mind to it. First, you must love to write, or you have a pressing topic to inform people about. After you have written your piece of text, you would find a publisher. To do this, you could look online, or try to find someone local. To make...
2067 massachusetts avenue
Her mother's name was Betty DiCamillo and her father's name is LouDiCamillo.
Great question! As of today, 8/13/2010, I'm still in the process of searching it down. On the Internet, I found a fanmail address that DOES NOT work (as it keeps getting returned back to me) as follows: c/o Candlewick Press 2067 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA. 02140 USA Although the above...
no she doesn't. she gets different illustraters to illustrate all her books.
yes she does but she was just very mean to her
Kate DiCamillo has an older brother named Curt. Her mother's name was Betty DiCamillo and her father's name is Lou DiCamillo.
Katrina Elizabeth "Kate" DiCamillo is an American children's author. She is known for the Newbery Medal-winning book The Tale of Despereaux, the Newbery Honor book Because of Winn-Dixie, and the Mercy Watson series, plus numerous other award-winning and honored books. It does not say what her...
Kate dicamillo loves to read children books out loud and to-herself. she loves to play with her dog winn-dixie.from a 11 year old girl studying her named hope.
Her full name is Katina Elizabeth DiCamillo
i think she must have had a loving of writing childhood
I'm not not sure but i know she had a boyfriend in highschool his name was Chuck marshall.
im pretty sure she's alive...but then again i needed someone to answer this for me too. i think she's alive :)
She was around 18 years old when she went to collage
Themes of The Tale of Desperaux: . love . hope . forgiveness . kindness . empathy
The University of Florida
Kate DiCamillo received an English degree at the University of Florida in 1987.
she was interested in authors to become an author
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a children's adventure novel.
I'm sure she is. DiCamillo isn't a very common name.
Yes she had a father
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