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Will Hobbs

Will Hobbs is a young adult novelist who writes survival stories. His works include Far North, Downriver, and Bearstone.
no but most people who have read it wish there was
Downriver is about a group of teenagers who have stolen a raft andtake off down the Colorado River. On this journey they exploredifferent landmarks but things turn bad when injuries starthappening.
the theme is the past is the past
The Maze is about a 14 year old boy named Rick that is an orphan and he doesn't want to face the consequences. Rick had run away and found himself at a dead end which is at the maze. The property that he was on was a Bird rescue area. He was taught that running away wont help his mistakes.
Victor,Rico, Hector, Julio,Miguel, Victor family, that is the jist of it.
The people that live by Lon end up being terrorists they get convicted and so does Rick.
It is about a teenager who finds a meteorite that is from mars and gives him special abilities. But is it also has some bad effects on him. They have dangerous trips and also encounter a undiscovered cave. Read the book and find out how good it is. I read it and it is a good book.
The climax is when Jessie, Troy, Pug, Heather, Adam, Star, Rita, and Freddy steal Al's gear.
I know he wrote Jason's gold because we are reading that in school but I don't know any others.
metaphors,similes,and personification
to be brave and have confidence cx
The main characters in Leaving Protection are Robbie and Thor.
Will Hobbs' first book was a picture book he wrote called Beardream , published in 1997.
Rusty is walter's good friend and he care a lot about walter. he doesn't really like cloys and he is a good leader and he shoots the bear because he is a bearhunter and he wants to show off to others and gain money out of it.
Nobody dies in this book. Troy and Pug try to kill Freddy with Adam's scorpion. They leave them behind to get to safety. The police Pug and Troy is found later in Malibu. Star moves in with Jessie, her father, and Madeline
Answer . the person telling the story is a girl named jessie...
Yes there is and i saw it. It is great
Will Hobbs was born August 22, 1947.
in chapter 9 tehy find a waterfall and Adam axidently hit rita on the hed and fredy stitched her hed
Rita is a girl who is not really out there. She gets along with most charecters. She lead a robbery and had the people bring her the things. hope this helped
Will writes books . Will writes books
dose will Hobbs have any kid?
troy and pug are the protagonist in this book
He's 34 years old if that's what your asking for and also if you want to ever ask a question and it's not answered answer it yourself it's easy i did it.
n he is very much alive
yes he is 66 years old and still writesbooks!!
The main characters in Downriver are Jessie, Troy, Adam, Star, Freddy, Pug, & Rita. (They are the kids who run away) Al is also a main character. (he is the counselor at Hoods in the Woods) Heather, another kid at the camp, can be counted as a main character but she is not in most of the book. Other...
Star is now living with Jessie, there is another book were they become camp directors and help AL.
Brady, his cousin Quinn, the Carver brothers, Brady and Quinn's dads, and the scientist, dr. Ripley
My butt farts on your penguin ( . Y . )
its about a boy who goes on a trip and eats pig feet
Its A novel about 7 misfit kids from all over the USA who decide they want to go white water rafting on the Colorado river without their leader/intstuctor. They incounted challeges and injuries and make it through with a new found respect for life, the world and for their parents