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Voice-overs or voice acting is a dialogue or narrative that is performed by a voice actor. It is pre-recorded and placed on top of the media in which it is being used.
It looks like Heath Brandon is doing the Royal Caribbean  : Kids Sail Free commercial .
Well actually the most recent commercials have Zach Braff doing the voice for Brita, not a female
Mae Questel ; see related link below for both a photograph as well as biographical information .
English: Brian DonovanJapanese: Yōichi MasukawaSpanish: Carlos Diaz
I can be sure but I have always thought so myself.
The voiceover is done by former ABC chairman Lloyd Braun, who pictched and commissioned the Lost pilot (the idea/first episode for the show).
Character Shrek filmsShrek (2001)Shrek 2 (2004)Shrek the Third (2007)Shrek Forever After (2010)ShrekMike MyersDonkeyEddie MurphyFionaCameron DiazPuss in Boots Antonio BanderasQueen Lillian Julie AndrewsKing Harold John Cleese Prince CharmingMentioned OnlyRupert EverettArtie Justin TimberlakeLord...
go to general then go to auto correct and turn it off
If you mean on the show Meerkat Manor, then it is narrated by Sean Aston (he played Sam in Lord of the Rings).
As with all stop motion, you will need to have a set of templates pre-designed to be used for certain shots. Stop motion is a series of pictures placed together so rapidly, it appears to be moving. This is the most labor intensive part of it: Getting the templates. When you have the templates to...
Ken'yū Horiuchi in Japanese. Troy Baker and Dave Wittenberg in English.
Press the Home button three times
Indeed she doess :), shes the voice of the talktalk adverts at the moment and shes also the voice in a scottish gas advert. She has previously done the voiceover for the Ronald McDonald house charity (RMCH), domestic violence adverts and lots more.
I do belive it was Bernard Cribbins...has also done the voice over on several fishing programmes over the last few years!
George Clooney - Budweiser (through '10) Christian Slater - Panasonic (-'10) Kevin Spacey - Honda (-'10) Gene Hackman - Oppenheimer Funds (-'10), Lowe's (-'10) Kiefer Sutherland - Apple (-'10), Bank of America (-'10) Donald Sutherland - Volvo (-??) Stanley Tucci - AT&T (-??) Thomas Haden...
Use three fingers and easily flick up or down :).
Whoopi Goldberg plays the female Hyena, Shenzi, Cheech Marin plays Banzaiand Ed is played by Jim Cummings.
English voice: Maile Flanagan.Japanese voice: Junko Takeuchi
You need to make a professional demo and start sending it to voice over talent agencies.
My daughter reckons it's comedian Sean Lock but I'm not convinced.
the narrator continually comments on not only the events of the story, but also the elements of filmmaking used to dramatize them; building on the audience's awareness of how artificial and conventionalized the moviegoing experience really is
Yes, it's Gene Hackman.   The person who does the voice over for Lowes ads is Gene Hackman. He also does the voice over for The Oppenheimer Mutual Fund ads.
Terra-Jason DohringAqua-Willa HollandVentus-Jesse McCartneyMaster Eraqus-Mark HamilXehanort-Leonard NimoyTerra-Xehanort-Richard EpcarVanitas-Haley Joel OsmetBraig-James Patric StuartZack-Rick GomezThat's all for now :P
I think you mean Band of Brothers, which contained voice over work by Tom Hanks.
The VoiceOver feature is controlled from the Seeing section of the Universal Access System Preference. The keyboard shortcut to toggle the feature on and off is the Command key, Function 5. Some Mac keyboards have a separate Fn key so you will need the three keys: Cmd, Fn, F5.
He does voiceovers for Applebees
It has a lot of functions and features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, call logs, caller ID, voicemail and more which is not available from traditional telephones.
yes! click the square-shaped home button 3 times and double tap "Turn Off Voice over" hope this helped!!
Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter is voiced by the Japanese seiyu (voice actor) Kanako Mitsuhashi , Annika Odegard provides the English voice-over .
John Pruit from the hit news, talk and action station: Channel 2 action News finds time in his busy schedule to do voice overs for V-103. I know it may be hard to believe but it is indeed true.
The English voice actors for Naruto are: Maile Flanigan as Naruto Uzumaki Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno and Udon Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke Uchiha Tom Gibis as Shikamaru Nara Robbie Rist as Choji Akimichi Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Ino Yamanaka, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and Hanabi Hyuga Stephanie...
Bob Saget from Full House does the voice over as older Ted in How I Met Your Mother
I think it might be Stuart Manning (Russ in Hollyoaks)
I'm pretty sure she is the voice for Lysol commercials.
No, but his bandmate Flea (bass) has been known for doing the voice of a character on The Wild Thornberrys.
This was taken directly from his IMDB page: . TV commercial for American Stroke Association, July 2003 . Voiceover work for Mazda, 2006 and State Farm, 2008 . Print add for Het Huis Uw Opticien, 2008 . TV commercial for "L'Oreal Men Expert" (Hydra Sensitive Cream) . TV commercial for Cigna,...
Louis Prima provided the voice of King Louie .
in japanese romi pakuin english vic mignogna
Steve Burton provides the English voice over whereas Takahiro Sakurai does the Japanese voice for Cloud Strife .
To me it sounds like Stephen Dorff
Yes. The Director's Cut (also known as Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete) was released on June 2, 2009 in the US and Canada.
Yes it is possible but expect when someone your phone you will disconnected from the line.
Daniel SternHowever, if you are referring to Cingular-AT&T Cell phone commercials, then Stanley Tucci does the voice overs.
It eliminates the need for existing phone networksIt prevents users from incurring long-distance tariffsIt prevents users from incurring long-distance tariffs
It is a communication that uses internet as a transmission network and a phone that has an IP. or a phone which is connected to a modem.
that would be the great actress Sally Fields.
Sounds like Rondell Sherridan
In July 1982, Blake Edwards brought Niven back for cameo appearances in two final "Pink Panther" films (Trail of the Pink Panther andCurse of the Pink Panther), reprising his role as Sir Charles Lytton. By this time, Niven was having serious health problems. When the raw footage was reviewed, his...
\n. Daniel Stern, (one of the bad guys with joe pesci from Home Alone), did the narration. He also appeared in City Slickers.\n. See Web Links for Photo (I think you will recognize him)
Elwood "You've got mail!" Edwards is still alive .
Pinky is voiced by Rob Paulsen and The Brain by Maurice LaMarche .
Andrea Robinson did the voice over for Sister Mary Robert (played by Wendy Makkena) in Sister Act.
He has never done a voice-over for any TV shows. He has however, voice-acted in five films including Alvin and The Chipmunks 1, 2, and 3, along with two direct to video films such as "All Star Superman" and "Scooby Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur"
Kevin yon according to detroit's tv station wxyz channel 7.
  No. It's Rob Lowe. Dempsey is the voice of State Farm
Tobi , from Naruto , is voiced by Joshua Seth .
His name is Guy Cihi. He looks just like James in real life.
In short...no. In fact, the majority of voice actors that work all the time...you will never even see or hear their names. Voice acting is beautiful in one respect that it is a faceless industry, which allows for the truest form of expression without being judged based on appearance. In many ways...
Kyoya Ootori of Ouran High School Host Club is voiced by J. Michael Tatum .
Its comedian/actor Tim Allan from "Home Improvement"