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Pro Tools (software)

Pro Tools is a digital recording software, first launched in 1984 as Sound Tools. It can be used on both a Mac OS computer and a Windows PC and the latest version of Pro Tools is Pro Tools 11 (as of 2013).
Lambda audio/midi interface was made for Cubase LE and is notcompatible with Pro Tools. Now with Pro Tools 9 saying it supportsany previous interface, I'm not sure. I have not updated from 8 to9 yet. So if you plan on using pro tools 8 or earlier than no it isnot.
Yes, as long as you are using full version of Pro Tools, version of9 or newer.
Yes, Pro Tools will recognize a Lambda interface. Many Pro Tool users also use a Lambda interface.
No. You can convert a protools session to a variety of formats that reaper will import.
Yes, you can. I am using it with M-Audio Profire interface. Version7 and 8 requires you to use M-Powered, Versions 9 and newer requirefull versions
Basically, there are now visible differences between 800 and 803, except some critical issue fixes related with stable work.
If it's MIDI it should work. Just make sure you have your MIDI channels set up correctly in your software and on the keyboard.
The best way you can use Guitar Rig 4 in Pro Tools 8 is by making sure you have the M-Audio Fast Track driver downloaded.
If you first bounce them down to audio. Otherwise, no.
You use a microphone and record the said microphone
its compatible with mac win xp n win vista tried win 7 n it didnt wrk
PC: Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V . Mac: Cmd+C and Cmd+V
You can get a trial license from Avid website.
No works with only the operating systems Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.
No, there is not a shortcut available for burning a CD from your saved files on an Mbox 2 from Pro Tools.
M-Powered is made specifically M-Audio I believe, as far as what they can do I think it is nearly the same.
guitar center, sam ash and any professional music store.
Mpc 2500 check in your peripherals And enable MMC on pro tools
Honestly, that's like asking someone how to drive a car. What are your goals for using this software. Do you want to create Music? Edit Sound effects? Create Podcasts? Let us know so we can guide you in the right path.
Any mbox. M-Powered is made specifically for M-Audio gear.
Yes, the Control 24 will work with the Digi 003. It is supported as a controller in Pro Tools up to version 10. This will be the last version that supports this discontinued hardware.
Honestly, it really doesn't matter as long as your tracks sound good. I've never used cubase but I've never heard any complaints about it. If I had to choose I would pick Pro Tools hands down because almost every professional studio uses it. This gives you the ability to record at home and mix at...
As long as it's decently new, yes.
All Pro Tools programs require an interface to run. At start up it will shut down or stop loading as it searches for the interface. I'm not using Pro Tools 9 myself but that has always been a go to so the program can not be pirated.
Plug the left and right audio outputs into your audio interface.
The MPK49 uses class compliant drivers and does not need to be 'set up' or changed to work in Pro Tools. The MPC1000 can transmit and receive pad data and MIDI Time Code and Clock with the computer by using a USB-MIDI Interface.
You don't need a MIDI controller, but you will need the M-Audio USB or Firewire audio interface that it shipped with.
The Pro Tools certification test is computer-based test delivered electronically by an Avid Authorized Training Partner after you have completed the 100 and 200 level courses.
A Ensoniq KS-32 can be used as a MIDI controller. If you are using an audio interface that has MIDI ports, connect the MIDI Out of the Ensoniq to the Interface's MIDI In. If you don't have a MIDI port on your interface (such as with the Mbox Mini) you will have to buy a USB MIDI interface (they're...
On a Mac, Pro Tools 9 can work with a "aggregate device", a device created by OS X that is actually a combination of several audio devices. Versions before 9 and Windows versions cannot.
You go to File > Save As or File > Bounce > To Disk
Select the regions you want and choose Edit -> Consolidate Regions
A key command for Go to Previous Transient and Go to Next Transient can be assigned in the Key Command Preferences. The default installation of Logic Pro 9 does not have any key assigned to these functions. As the Tab key is used to switch between active areas of the screen you will have to use some...
Yes, for twice the price, you can by a second license. It comes in an extra box with an extra set of manuals and installation discs. Pro Tools 9 uses the iLok USB copy protection system, so you can install the program on multiple computers, and whichever computer has the iLok key inserted will run...
I don't think you can. It might not even work because that program is used for mixing and recording wereas programs like live, logic, and reason let you play software instruments. You can record a trance in GarageBand which is included in all macs and export it as an mp3 to iTunes then import it...
No, the standard warranty that is available with Pro Tools Digi Design is not five years, but two years.
The full version is about $600. This includes an iLok USB copy protection key. An upgrade from ProTools LE 8 is about $250.00, and an upgrade from M-Powered is about $350.00. The upgrades do not come with a key, which is about $50.00
There is no exact price. Each retailer has the choice to set the price at whatever they want. For Avid to force one price, they would be charged with price fixing, which is illegal.
You can purchase and download a copy at avid.com
You dont need any interface. PtoTools 9 runs on any audio device, including the built-in sound in you computer.
You can use whatever method you want to record a video of yourself. Import the video in to the computer. You can then add a video track to Pro Tools and then import the video in to the project.
A USB Mixer is an audio mixer with a built-in USB audio interface. It is sometime better than a stand-alone interface since you can plug in more microphones and instruments at once. They usually get mixed to a stereo mix, so it isn't possible with most of these mixers to track a drum kit or other...
Pro Tools LE 7 will run on Windows Vista, when installed properly.
Purchase them. One of the services I use is mvp loops.
In Pro Tools you go to File > Import > Audio
Avid's audio Pro Tools are available for both Mac OS X and Windows systems.
You will need M-Audio hardware such as the Fast Track connected to use this program correctly. It won't work without the hardware connected. The play button is cancelled by the stop button.
It can be used for multiple purposes; it is an auxiliarity trackthat can be used as a group, as a send effect, automation,routing... Basically everything except holding audio or midi data.
The Line6 UX2 is compatible with ProTools 9. ProTools 8 and previous versions are only compatible with Avid hardware (Mbox and Digi interfaces).
You hook up the midi to the midi ports and output ports to preampinputs on your interface
Yes, although you will need an M-Audio interface connected to the computer in order to launch ProTools MPowered, or an Avid audio interface connected if you plan to run ProTools LE versions 8 or earlier.
If you export them one by one to your MPC, yes.
Everything up top Pro Tools 10: Max 4GB
Depends what you install.
There is no Pro Tools LE 9.
No, you dont need it to run the program, but you will need a MIDI keyboard to play the virtual instruments.
Depends on the version. Anywhere between $99 for SE version with amicrophone and several thousand dollars for the HD version.
You cannot. You must install the program on the system hard drive.
Press cmd+shift+N on mac or ctrl+shift+N on pc
To record its sound, connect the left and right audio outputs to the line inputs on your M-Audio interface. Add a stereo audio track and then press record.
I think it needs at least Vista. Check from the manual.
Not to my knowledge, no.
Pro Tools 9 can be expanded to 256 tracks of playback (assuming you have a computer fast enough to run that many) using the Complete Production Toolkit.
You open the mixer window and click on one of the inserts.
Full native version of Pro Tools 9 and newer work with just iLokand without an interface.
Unfortunately you can't. You need to export the files as midi andwav.
No it can not. Pro tools 10 requires Mac or Windows operating system not present in the PS3
Yes, you can use any USB MIDI Interface with ProTools. Note that ProTools SE and M-Powered require an apporved M-Audio interface to be attached to run the program.
no it doesn't unfortunately
You can't. It needs the MBox2 interface.
Neither is as good as the full version, but from those two - ProTools MP9
Full version of Pro Tools works with just iLok
You can get demo license for pro tools from Avid website.
You install the files from the DVD